Top 10 tips from professionals to save money on a daily basis

Want to put some aside? Save money ? Stop spending your money anyhow (this musical pepper mill was really unnecessary)? So read these few tips given by professionals from each of these professions so that your euros stay as long as possible in your wallet.

1. When you run a bar, you better hire a good DJ

So yes it seems obvious, but it seems that many bars are content to hire a beginner DJ to save money. However, a good DJ will make people stay and lead them to consume more. So it is more profitable.

Top 10 tips from professionals to save money on a daily basis

2. If you compare hotels or flights on the internet, do it in private browsing

Thanks to cookies, hotel or flight booking sites know that you have visited them and that you need to go or sleep there. So, as they know that you really want to go to such and such a place, they increase their prices the next time you visit the site. That’s why you have to do everything in private browsing so as not to leave cookies on booking sites. You’re finally going to stop getting screwed over, congratulations.

3. Always buy your video games at least two months after their release

Already, the value of a video game, with few exceptions, drops very quickly, so in a few months you can save money on a purchase. But the point of waiting a bit is also to give others time to test the game and give their opinion to avoid wasting your money on an ultra-buggy or uninteresting title. Basically, you’re not taking any risks.

Top 10 tips from professionals to save money on a daily basis

4. Buying a “Made in the USA” Guitar Doesn’t Change the Quality Hugely

Guitars made in Mexico, for example, can cost a lot less than those born in American factories, and their quality isn’t much worse. As a result, you might as well buy a Mexican guitar and then have it adjusted by a luthier for a few extra tens of euros.

5. To save money on a big movie production, you need to hire Broadway actors

According to a film professional who responded to Cracked, Broadway actors are excellent and very committed and do not ask for a salary as high as Hollywood stars. They also have fewer demands on film sets, which is not insignificant. Still sounds like good right-wing advice.

Top 10 tips from professionals to save money on a daily basis

6. At the hotel, if you forgot to bring your charger, ask the reception if they have one

Before rushing to buy a 36th iPhone charger, you can try asking the person at reception if they don’t have one to lend you for the duration of your stay. Usually there are. It helps.

7. Never buy a drill/driver

A drill-driver is typically the thing you buy and use 3 times, simply because you don’t spend your life doing work or assembling furniture. So it’s about as useful a purchase as a French textbook written by Kim Glow. On the other hand, what is useful is to have friends who have a drill: they will always be too happy to lend it because they will have the impression that it makes their purchase profitable. The big pigeons.

Top 10 tips from professionals to save money on a daily basis

8. Take a big backpack for your plane trips.

Luggage in the hold always costs a blind, so the best solution is to take all your luggage in the cabin. And, normally, you have the right to a cabin size suitcase + a backpack. It is on this point that you can force a little by taking a good big backpack and putting your clothes and other underpants in it. The staff is not super careful about the size of the backpacks, so you should pass quietly.

9. Ask for specials when you buy a pizza

The big pizza chains like Pizza Hut or Domino’s always have 50 different promotions at a time, and you don’t necessarily know them all. So, when you go to order a pizza, whatever pizza you have chosen, ask nicely if any promotions apply to your order, and they will most likely find you one.

Top 10 tips from professionals to save money on a daily basis

10. Change mobile operator regularly

The best offers from telephone companies are always the welcome offers reserved for new customers. Normal, you have to find something to attract them. As a result, as you have understood, it is in your interest to change operator each time you reach the end of your commitment period.

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