Top 10 tips from burglars to avoid being robbed

Who better than a cobbler to tell you about the right shoes to buy? Yeah, a shoe salesman, that’s not wrong, since the cobbler trade has practically disappeared. So my example is not phew. I start again, who better than a town crier to announce the local news? Yeah, the internet and the press, it’s true. Well, I’m going to put away this encyclopedia of lost professions and we’ll go directly to the top of the best ways to avoid being robbed, given directly by professionals in the profession. That was the idea of ​​my comparisons actually.

1. Balance a broom against your door

So that they are seized with an irresistible urge to sweep your house when they enter. Nah, in real life it’s so that the noise wakes you up or scares them away. It’s a little tip that doesn’t eat bread as they say.

2. High fences and bushes are not necessarily a good option

Basically, once they have climbed it, burglars will be completely hidden from view of your neighbors or passers-by, so small fences are preferred, but at the same time they leave a vis à vis your home. Well you do as you prefer, if you want to continue to tan naked or if you do not want anyone to steal your TV. Make decisions too.

3. Take double glazing

“Normal” windows are easier to break, so if you’re to believe that old burglar who doesn’t get it, it’s better to choose double glazing with a layer of plastic inside. Kind of a window Oreo kind of. Yeah, I’m not in good shape for comparisons today.

Top 10 tips from burglars to avoid being robbed

4. Place your security cameras clearly visible

Yes, the idea here too is for it to be dissuasive, not hidden, just to be like “we’re going to have them”. Because the guys will probably come hooded and dressed in black (or gray if they’re real professionals, so they can become invisible on the sidewalks) and your images won’t necessarily be usable. If the cameras are placed at “eye level”, you’ll potentially have a better chance of getting their faces in the footage, if they’re really amateurs.

5. Randomize your lighting system

If you have this type of system that turns on the lights in your house when you are away, make a (credible) random setting. If burglars realize that the lights go on and off at regular times, there is no doubt that they will understand the deception. Fooled, they might even be tempted to piss on your carpet out of a spirit of revenge. And you love this rug, don’t you? So random setting.

6. Don’t think your dog is enough to stand guard

Especially if you have a Yorkshire, which has vital kick resistance at 1.5 on the Christiano Ronaldo scale. Or very little. In addition, dogs are easily impressionable and can easily be coaxed (Mariam). Sorry. That being said, small dogs are more likely to bark easily so may be a good “alarm” option but not a deterrent. Basically it’s useless except to piss off your neighbors but you already knew that.

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7. Don’t put up a “Beware of Dog” sign.

Do you think you are dissuasive with this kind of panels? In effect, you are telling them exactly what to prepare for. Put up a “be careful the front door creaks a little” sign while you are there if you want them to be downright confident. Bunch of suckers.

8. Focus on daytime surveillance

Most burglaries happen during the day, that’s a fact. At night there’s more chance of making noise and arousing suspicion, so it’s quite logical. It is therefore natural that this happens most of the time when you are at work. Which makes me think, moreover, that telecommuting prevents a bunch of burglars from working, which in a way is “small-sad”. Does a burglar who telecommutes steal himself?

9. Don’t leave party decorations in sight

If your little Billy has recently celebrated his 5th birthday and balloons and garlands adorn your garden, you would do well to clear them quickly. Party says gift, gift says new product, new product says thing to steal. Even I didn’t think of it and I have more than ten years of burglary behind me.

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10. Resell your house and live at work

Toilets, a coffee machine, staplers… What more could you ask for for a real comfort of life. Less taxes at the end of the year and the happiness of seeing your children more often: settling in the office is the solution for you. Do not thank me.

Well, it’s still more secure that way, I imagine that now no one will do it to you upside down. Well, maybe. I don’t know. I don’t know how it’s screwed up with you, so good. You can go to the dumbest burglars, hoping to run into them if it ever happens to you.

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