Top 10 tips for your baby to sleep through the night, douuuuce nuiiiit saiiiiint nuiiiit

Do you remember when you were still pregnant, your ass resting on the sofa, and you dared to say “oh-la-la, I can’t wait for him to come out, I’m exhausted”? Welcome to the sweet world of shitty nights and the end of parenthood legends. Pregnancy, as exhausting as it was, was nothing compared to what awaits you in terms of lack of sleep, now that he’s been born, and he’s screaming every 2 hours, every day, every night, all the time.

1. Set up a sleep ritual

A baby cannot tell the difference between day and night. This is the first thing to know in order to fully understand the usefulness of setting up sleep rituals, which can help him distinguish between these two moments, and therefore be able to sleep long nights, when the time is right. Whether it’s a bath, a little music, dim the lights, read a story: all these little things repeated every day should help him understand that it’s there, it’s time to go to bed.

Top 10 tips for your baby to sleep through the night, douuuuce nuiiiit saiiiiint nuiiiit

2. Adapt to your needs

If the bath excites him instead of calming him, do not give him the latter in the evening, but rather in the morning. If he needs a long hug before sleeping, don’t rush this moment. If he’s tired at 7:30 p.m., don’t wait to put him to bed, he could miss his sleep cycle. It’s all about adaptation.

3. Teach him to fall asleep on his own

If you give him the habit of being rocked or breastfed to fall asleep, he will not be able, if he wakes up at night, to go back to sleep on his own, since he has not been put to sleep like that. at first. It is therefore necessary to put him in his bed at the first signs of sleep, still awake, so that he learns to let sleep come.

4. Do not prevent him from sleeping during the day

It should not be assumed that because a baby does not take naps, he will be more tired to sleep through the night. It’s wrong. A baby’s brain needs sleep to grow, and preventing him from napping during the day will not allow him to sleep better at night, on the contrary. It’s just going to make him very nervous.

5. Let it grow a little

A brand new baby is not able to sleep through the night on discharge from the maternity ward (except in very rare cases). If a baby wakes up, it’s because he needs to eat to fill himself up, cuddles to be reassured, your presence.

6. Small massages

Arch massages can help your newborn to relax, which helps them fall asleep faster. There are tons of books on foot reflexology for infants, don’t hesitate to take a look.

7. Soft music

Mozart or Bach, it helps to relax. He does not hesitate to make her a playlist of classical music pieces, or nature sounds, or even white noises. It will relax and reassure him, the key to a good sleep.

8. Don’t get pressured

If your little one doesn’t sleep through the night, and you get stressed every time you’re asked the question or the night comes, it’s okay! Everyone has their own pace, you shouldn’t worry about not being able to sleep properly, just take a different pace, until everything is in place.

9. At night, you have to stay in slow motion

If your baby wakes up at night, always with the idea of ​​making him distinguish between day and night, you must speak to him gently, do not turn on the lights, even if it means having him suckle or drink a bib in the dark, to that he understands that this is not the time to party at all.

10. A shot of whiskey in the bottle

The Scottish method. No I’m kidding huh, don’t call social services, it’s a joke.

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