Top 10 tips for taking a good photo of your feet (it can be useful)

For some time now, selling photos of your feet has been the new way to make yourself look pretty easily without leaving your feathers too much. Fortunately, there are toe fetishists to make ends meet. But the real question that arises then is not so much to know how to bait the barge because ultimately your marketing plan belongs to you and seems secondary to me in this top. The real question is how to take a good picture of iep despite our old scabs of skin, our yellowed nails and the grime encrusted on the heel because you spend your life walking barefoot.

Don’t forget to go to the different types of toes in the illustration.

1. You don’t have to take sexy pictures at all

Let’s start with the basics guys. It’s cool to take pictures of your ieps, but at no time do you have to take porn pictures of your feet. You do what you want of course start by testing stuff, and see how to take photos that really correspond to what you want. But we are not here to explain to you how to satisfy the fetishists of the ièps.

2. Make photos that you like

It makes sense, but a bit like the tips for doing your nude well, your art of foot photography must above all please you. No need to take photos that you are ashamed of or that you find ugly if not zero interest. And good news, we arrive quickly with advice precisely to take photos that are not too rotten.

3. Little reminder: be careful where you take photos

As this Deuz article explains very well, there are some really hardcore rigs on the feet. If it’s really your trip, no problem, but the best thing is to check the site before participating.

4. Be careful to remain anonymous

Well once again you do what you want and if you want to publish pictures of feet in your own name, you have every right to do so. But as for all that is a little intimate photos (that some will try to sell online), it is better to have an account and a nickname in its own right like “See you tomorrow, on both feet”, or “Have good foot good eye or even “Put your foot in the dish”. If these names do not suit you, I invite you to contact Topito’s after-sales service.

Top 10 tips for taking a good photo of your

5. We avoid close-ups

It’s not that the feet are ugly in close-up it’s especially that YOUR feet are ugly in close-up. And I say that in all friendship. You certainly have panards that you consider pretty but that’s because you see them from the top of your big size. If we take a closer look, we quickly see that all of this is not as smooth and silky as we would like us to believe. Trust me, avoiding the close-up is the best way to find out your feet are filthy.

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6. We prefer black and white

No no, I assure you, I don’t want to show off at all. If I’m suggesting black and white, it’s not to look pretty, it’s mainly to avoid getting stuck in the dubious colors of your filthy feet.

7. Depending on your level of flexibility, opt for an elegant point posture instead

Not that a flex foot is ugly, but if you have a bit of a sense of curves and delicacy, it is rather recommended to opt for a pointed foot. This way, even if you have a really bad foot aesthetically, it will at least seem like you’re flexible and it can be a good entry point to start a conversation. Whereas with a flex foot, there will be no entry point at all to start a conversation.

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8. Avoid fanning your toes apart

OK, fans are nice, but fanned toes just make you want to use them as a door stopper. So unless your ambition in life is to take funny foot pictures in the hope of creating a foot stand-up, we strongly advise against this option.

9. Stop letting your old nail polish cake on for months just because you’re too lazy to invest in nail polish.

Dark and vile person that you are.

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10. Not necessarily need to put the package on the staging

Yeah but calm down Olivier Py actually. I see how you want to furnish your photo with objects, a perspective and a cleverly chosen light but hey in the background, a photo of a foot remains a photo of a foot. Be simple. Give your foot the light it deserves.

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Sexy photoshoot atmosphere against the background of work colleagues

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