Top 10 tips for surviving a train journey with your children without throwing them…

Train travel is life. Greener than the plane and the car. You enjoy the scenery. You agree to pay your coffee far too much at the bar wagon. But now, you have a child and these journeys full of disuse have given way to the hell of cries and tears. And worst of all, the hell of the eyes of others judging you and your noise-generating child. Breathe, it’s going to be fine.

1. The tablet is your best friend

“Bla-bla-bla, no screens for three years, otherwise it’s certain death and hell on Earth”. Yeah okay, but in real life, when you’ve got 5 or more hours of banging and you’ve used up all your stock of toys and ideas, letting him watch a cartoon isn’t going to make him grow a third leg. And for that, we’ve even selected the best cartoons for 2-year-olds for you.

2. The advantage of the train is that you can move

Well with the Covid around it’s not really recommended, but technically you can stand up, go around yourself three times. Overall you can move more than in a car or plane. And stretching your legs when your child has a fit is good for you and good for him.

3. Rely on the ability of other children in the car to shout louder than yours

You never know, there might be kids the same age as yours on the train, who will scream even louder. In this way you yourself will have the opportunity to judge other people’s children, who are so noisy.

4. Pack plenty of food

Already because the smallest sandwich bought at the wagon bar costs the equivalent of Rwanda’s GDP, so he wants to plan better in advance and have your little picnic. And the other non-negligible advantage of food is that it occupies you for long, long minutes.

5. Stock up on surprises at the Relais de la gare

Even if your child already has everything he needs with him such as toys and small children’s books, taking out a little surprise bought at the Relais before leaving can really occupy him for a while, then it will give you a exchange currency so that he is wise (bouuuuh the blackmail).

6. Take turns

If you’re traveling solo with your kid, it might be a little warmer, that’s true. But if you travel with the second parent of your divine child, you can take turns not to become completely crazy. While one is resting or reading, the other walks the train with the child so that he spreads his miasma and infant gall on the other passengers of the train.

7. Have toys that you only take out when traveling

That way, he will be happy to find them on each trip and will not have had time to get tired of them. It can be stickers, puzzles, or special books, anything that will give him the impression of playing with something exceptional and new.

8. Choose your schedules

Leave very early in the morning or right during his nap time, so that he can pioncer on his seat. To this you can add all the paraphernalia of tricks to make your child sleep.

9. Take it upon yourself

If you get it into your head that you’re going to be able to read in peace or watch a series while he gently takes care of his side for hours, you’ll be very frustrated that it doesn’t happen like that and the trip will be even more painful. Instead, put it in your head that you’re going to spend 6 hours with your child playing, enjoying him, because that’s also what vacations are for, spending time together (c bo ce ke je dit ).

10. Make them listen to podcasts

During confinement, we have concocted the best podcasts for children, with podcasts that tell stories, others that are testimonials, others that teach you stuff. In short, if you don’t want to fail in the main principles of education and fight against screens, a podcast with headphones should help your concentration and listening.

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