Top 10 tips for protecting yourself from the cold on the ski slopes

Winter sports are really nice, but it would be even better if we could enjoy them in the summer. When the temperatures are milder and you can still feel your fingers at the end of the day! While waiting for someone to take this claim into account, we have to take our troubles patiently, even if it means finding a few tricks to survive the bites of the cold.

1. The 3 layers technique

3 layers are enough to protect yourself from the cold, but not just any layers. The first, called “second skin” must let the body breathe. We therefore avoid the cotton t-shirt which soaks up perspiration to turn us into a stinky ball. The second layer of fleece, wadding or softshell must be insulating to prevent our body heat from contributing to global warming. Finally, a waterproof and breathable garment will ideally keep us dry, even during our worst bowls in powder snow.

Top 10 tips for protecting yourself from the cold on the ski slopes

2. Rub yourself well before facing the cold

The warm-up has never been so aptly named. By massaging the muscles, ligaments and everything that comes to hand, we activate blood circulation, which is a bit like our central heating. As for the areas of the body most sensitive to the cold, do not hesitate to use camphor-based creams, which are ideal for inflaming your skin.

3. Keep your head warm

Beanie sellers are unanimous and assure that around 30% of our body heat would escape through our head… hence the idea of ​​covering it well. Except it wouldn’t be that simple. Unless you are totally bald, an adult’s mop of hair would be enough to limit this loss of heat. How much remains to be seen. Until everyone agrees, the hat remains at least an essential accessory to protect your ears from the cold, unless you have long hair, or hair on your blunts.

4. Do not drink too hot

Contrary to the sensation that runs through us, mulled wine warms hands and hearts more than bodies. To stay warm, it is better to favor lukewarm drinks that you will have taken care to pour into a thermos always within reach of your mittens. Hot water bottle effect guaranteed!

Top 10 tips for protecting yourself from the cold on the ski slopes

5. Wear merino wool socks… or heated insoles

The feet are the Achilles heels of the skier exposed to the cold. Poorly protected, they are particularly vulnerable and risk developing frostbite in the most serious cases. To avoid reaching this extreme, it is necessary to favor natural materials such as merino wool, and above all to avoid the superposition of layers. And if your feet are really cold, there is a choice of self-heating ski socks, heated insoles or heaters based on activated carbon and iron oxide.

6. Choose the right ski boots

It doesn’t matter if you are equipped with the warmest socks in the world, if your shoes are too narrow, too tight or poorly adapted to your foot, you will get cold in your panards in addition to getting blisters! Blame it on the compressed blood vessels that somehow run through your little toes, and which, because of the reduced flow of blood heated to around 37 degrees, will quickly turn into painful ice cubes.

7. Dry your shoes well after skiing

Putting on shoes that are still damp from the night before is the best way to keep your feet cold all day. When returning from the slopes, remember to remove the slippers from their shell to let them dry in a heated place. And too bad, if it smells a bit like wet socks in the whole apartment. You can also cheat and opt for an electric shoe dryer, just to save time.

8. Mittens are life!

Unlike gloves, mittens play it collectively by tightening the bonds between your fingers, forced, with one exception, to hold tight against each other. A good way to protect yourself from biting cold at least for a few hours, provided you do not remove your gloves too often, such as to use your smartphone for example. It would be like opening the windows of your apartment in the middle of winter and then complaining that your apartment is a thermal sieve! Also be careful not to cut off the blood circulation of your hands by letting them rest on the bar of the chairlift, for example!

9. Ventilate your clothes during the day

Even if your clothes keep you warm on the ski slopes, they store a good part of the perspiration released by your body. A word of advice: take advantage of the moments of rest that punctuate the day on the slopes to open your suit and thus evacuate this humidity which, in the long run, risks soaking up your clothes, in addition to making you feel like a wet dog.

10. Avoid eating too much fat (we know, it’s not won!)

Obviously, no one is going to ask you to deprive yourself of raclette or to eat exclusively energy bars during your stay, all this to prevent you from getting killed. Despite everything, it is good to remember that the digestion of fatty foods tires the body enormously, which will burn a lot of energy to digest your excesses. Energy that could be lacking when it comes to warming up your little body trembling in the cold!

Top 10 tips for protecting yourself from the cold on the ski slopes

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