Top 10 tips for not having your stroller stolen, this precious object

Yes, another thing that we discover with parenthood: the traffic of strollers! But finally, who are the hearts of stone who dare to steal a stroller from people who no longer sleep at night and are already only a shadow of themselves? Don’t panic, before you launch into a fiery soliloquy on the ills of our society, we will rather give you some tips to avoid getting there.

1. Invest in a real padlock like for a bike (yes yes the big U)

To great ills, great remedies ! We forget the small twisted chain, there, nice and light, and we invest in the big, super heavy and boring U. Be careful to ensure that each parent has a copy of the keys on their keychain. Because if you arrive in front of the well-attached stroller and you don’t have the key, that’s just very stupid. And angry.

2. Don’t leave anything lying around in the stroller

“But after all, who would steal the cute little cuddly toy of a baby for whom it means so much?” But BORDEL, who simply steals strollers? So we stop trying to figure out what’s going on in the heads of these big dorks and we just don’t tempt fate. Even your fresh leeks bought from the neighborhood greengrocer: nothing. Or it’s now or never to try to “unfortunately” make you steal the garish bag that Beau Papa gave you for Christmas…

3. Avoid having a Yoyo stroller that everyone will covet

Here we are ! The star among the stars, the iPhone 14 Pro of the stroller, the one that can reach 1000 euros if you have taken the panoply of accessories: plasma screen, integrated fridge, air conditioning and chrome rims. Finally, we imagine that to be ready to drop 1000 balls, she must have at least one of these options, right? Be careful, we’re not the kind of person to say to a woman who has just been pissed off in the street: “Yes, but you saw the size of your skirt, you’re looking too!” ” No really not. We just want to take this opportunity to ask you: honestly, do you have need of this model of stroller? Come on, reopen your drawer with your old Nokia 3310 and remember the pleasure of playing Snake…

4. Having a double stroller: the big tank that no one will want to take from you

Yes, because you have to find advantages in having twins… Believe us, they don’t have those problems, with their impregnable war machine. Impossible to fold, mega heavy and cumbersome, no thief would know what to do with such a machine. Well, from there to envy the parents of twins, do not spoof. We still prefer to have our stroller stolen!

5. Leave your baby in it

Bah what, it’s true, what is the crooked that would bite a stroller with the child in it? There, it’s more theft, it’s called a kidnapping and our little finger tells us that it will still be difficult to sell the kid on Le Bon Coin. Finally, that’s in the mortgage where he would manage to leave with the stroller without triggering the alarm aka your baby of love and its ultrasounds higher than the most beautiful vocalizations of Mariah Carey and Flipper the dolphin combined.

6. Prefer the baby carrier to the stroller

We therefore keep the stroller for walks where we will not need to park it, but for trips that require a thousand stops, we opt for the baby carrier. It’s still the best hands-free kit when you have a baby. Even some brands explain to you that the child is at the right height when he is “within reach of kisses”, if that’s not meeeeugnoooonnn!

7. Put a Verisure sticker on it for a deterrent effect

On a misunderstanding, pretending that there is an alarm on the stroller, it can work… Well, it’s like all those people who put up a sign in front of their house with the writing “Attention, naughty dog! as we hear their little poodle in the distance taking its 4 p.m. sunbath. Or worse: all those people who don’t have a dog at all. Well then, yes, on that account, why not install a real alarm on the stroller? Frankly ? Laziness !

8. Have a guard dog

In addition for once, we are not sure that there is need for a naughty dog, huh. Just a very nasty and noisy dog. Well that also means that on top of all the baby stuff you have to think about, you’re also taking breaks to potentially pick up your dog’s poop. But we are not in the top 10 tips for spending time outside with your baby. We just help you keep your stroller so a little gratitude, what!

9. Go with the wheels of the stroller

Again, it’s like cycling: most e-bike owners ride around with their bike’s super-heavy battery on them. All this to be able to be smart on the coast when you sweat from all sides to make 1cm of elevation but we get lost. It’s true that if you already have your baby in your arms and you also have to lug around one or more wheels, it’s a bit cumbersome. What’s needed is something to carry it all… Remind us why you parked the stroller in the first place?

10. Have a real folding stroller in two seconds, light and compact

An easy-to-carry stroller once folded, what. We see you coming Yoyo fans. We are talking about something that could be worn like a backpack when folded, something not bulky that would still allow you to have your hands free. We don’t know if it exists, in real life, but if someone starts marketing it, it’s in their interest that they give us our percentage of the revenue!

Well, if none of the solutions we have proposed to you suit you, you are free, if you want, to wait until your child can walk before stepping out, that will settle the matter!

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