Top 10 tips for losing belly fat, goodbye little bidou

Come on, you have to start at some point, so you might as well start right away (unless you have a big party tonight, it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.) Losing belly fat isn’t the most complicated thing in the world if you’re a bit seriously and you don’t think it’s going to be done in three days. We will still break the myth directly: we cannot target weight loss. When you lose, you lose everywhere, even if we each have our little resistant fat stocks and those that go away more easily. Some will lose belly more easily, others thighs, and still others hair, but that’s totally useless. I still give you some tips to lose a little belly if you want.

1. Most important: eat a balanced diet

There’s no secret, it’s the most important part of the trick. But it’s not really that complicated. Already, if you make huge plates with a lot of starches, you have to reduce the doses a little, increase those of vegetables and proteins and eat more slowly. At the end of the meal, you will have the feeling of having eaten as much as before. Afterwards, you have to try to get rid of as many sugars as possible, because they are the ones that make you produce and store the most fat. Aperitifs and alcohol are big dens of sugar, so it’s a bit of a demon. In general, you can eat the classic foods of athletes, which provide what is needed where it is needed.

Top 10 tips for losing belly fat goodbye little bidou

2. Eat at set times

There’s no point doing it to the minute, but basically your body gets used to it, and it’s less likely to store everything like a moron if it’s fed when it expects to be fed. In fact, this means that it is better to avoid having dinner one day at 8 p.m., the next day at midnight and the day after at 7 p.m. There it is the assured brothel. Besides, the meal just before going to bed is also a bad idea.

3. Exercise

It’s quite logical, but it’s really important. When you exercise, you increase your calorie expenditure, which allows you to widen the gap between your expenditure and what you receive with food. For this, all sports have their advantages.

Cardio is good, you don’t need to kill yourself with the effort, as long as it lasts a long time (basically walking fast for 1 hour can do the job, no need to run a 10km each session) and that it is repeated several times a week. The problem is that the body tends to get used to cardio and burns a little less over time. Except that you have time before it happens.

HIIT is super effective for losing weight and gaining some muscle. Basically, you do a series of very high intensity exercises for a short period of time with very little rest. Up to 24 hours after the session, your body continues to burn calories to recover.

Bodybuilding, the one that makes you take big man muscles, is also very good for losing belly. Already because it sculpts the body well, but also because the muscles consume a lot of energy, even at rest. Having more muscle increases your basal metabolic rate, what you expend when you’re lying down and doing nothing.

And there are plenty of apps to help you do all these sports.

Top 10 tips for losing belly fat goodbye little bidou

4. To target the bidou: do not forget the claddings

There we were talking about weight loss in general, but there’s still something that can help to have less belly in particular. We are not talking about visible abs as you see everyone working on them, which will just add muscle under your fat. The most effective is to do cladding that will strengthen (among other things) the deep and oblique abs, those that help you flatten your stomach. In addition, it’s typically the thing you can do at home anytime if you don’t have time, while watching Camping Paradis because Laurent Ournac is your weight loss model.

5. Drink plenty of water

Water is essential in the process of eliminating fat, but also eliminating waste in the digestive system. Without water, it is easier to store. In addition, drinking a lot allows you to have your stomach always a little full, and therefore to be less hungry. About 2 liters, huh, not 30, otherwise you would die, that would be stupid.

6. Drink green tea

Tea in general, but especially green tea, causes an increase in the elimination of fat, and an increase in heat production. It is one of the best foods to eat for belly loss. And to appear distinguished in society, when in reality you prefer the red bull.

8. Cook yourself

As you must avoid unnecessary sugars as much as possible to lose weight, it is better to cook yourself. Because pre-prepared food is mostly loaded with added sugars, even when you’re led to believe it’s healthy for you. The food industry is cruel and doesn’t want you to lose your belly.

9. Relax

Stress disturbs digestion and increases hunger. From there, you understand that you’d rather take things the cool way. Unless you’re participating in the Hunger Games or something, then you can freak out a bit.

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10. Hold over time

It’s probably the most difficult, but that’s how it is, losing your belly takes a little time and it’s easy to get discouraged if you look at your belly every day without seeing it change. The ideal is to set goals over several weeks or months, getting used to living healthily without thinking all the time about losing weight. Then in the end everyone will tell you that you’re the most beautiful person they’ve ever seen after me, and there’s nothing more rewarding than that.

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