Top 10 tips for having a child without destroying the planet

Yes, having children pollutes. It’s a fact, and it’s not me saying it, it’s science. But it is understandable and human to want to continue reproducing, even being aware of the ecological impact that a child will have throughout its life. If you still want to measure and reduce this impact, it is possible, with some effort.

When you know that you can change a newborn’s diaper about 8 times a day, that’s a lot of waste at the end of the week, month and year. And waste is bad for the planet. With good organization and good information, switching to cloth diapers is a good alternative.

Top 10 tips for having a child without destroying the planet

Clothing resale sites abound on the web, and if you’re not a fan of online payments, there is always the good old solution of flea markets and garage sales. When you see how quickly children grow, buying second-hand clothes that have only been worn a few times is a good solution.

3. Buy material that has already been used

As with clothes, do you really need to buy a new crib that he will only spend a few months in? Do you really need a new stroller when used ones work just as well and reduce excessive production? There are questions to ask.

4. Avoid plastic materials

Plastic is not fantastic, on the contrary. Plastic pollutes, is not biodegradable, invades the oceans and destroys the planet. It is a fact. There are other alternatives, such as wood or plant materials, which are much better for the planet. And on occasion too, it works just the same.

5. Do not give in to the sirens of consumption

Do you really need to buy the latest trendy baby cooker when you already have everything you need to cook vegetables in your kitchen? Do you really need a bottle warmer when you have a pot of hot water? We must try to think differently, and not give in to mass consumption, which destroys ecosystems.

6. Watch what he eats

And what you eat too, at the same time. Try to promote organic, local, away from pesticides and processed products. It would be good for everyone. Not only to the planet, but to you too.

Top 10 tips for having a child without destroying the planet

7. Breastfeeding for those who want and can

For those who want it and who have the possibility, breastfeeding remains the least polluting, since it does not produce waste to breastfeed a baby. But on this point, it is really feeling, no one else has the right to decide instead of the reum, period.

Top 10 tips for having a child without destroying the planet

8. Living in the countryside

Well, we are well aware that this is not possible for everyone. But living in the countryside, having chickens, a vegetable garden and greenery, is a practice that greatly helps to preserve the environment.

9. Reduce the meat consumption of the whole family

We don’t need, biologically, to eat meat every day. The barbecue industry has made us believe this for years, when it is simply not true. If you manage to reduce your meat consumption, you reduce the cardboard footprint of the whole family.

10. Repair, rather than throw away and buy back

Holes in clothes can be sewn up, broken toys can be repaired, just like everything you use every day. If you don’t know how to repair electronic things, there are people whose job it is or have a passion for it who can give you a hand for a small fee.

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