Top 10 tips for disinheriting your children, the little tricks that make you happy

Not so long ago, we were all scandalized by the disinheritance of Laura Smet and David Hallyday. While in truth, there are a lot of good reasons not to inherit your children. Because sometimes, we just don’t want to give them all our hard-earned money with the sweat of our brow (gross) and even if the Civil Code obliges us to do so, know that we can find some tips.

1. Life insurance

It’s the simplest thing, the least hassle and which a priori avoids you the most confusion with your ungrateful children. This insurance allows you to favor the person of your choice (other than your child, therefore) and to indicate his name as the beneficiary of the contract. If you die, the whole of this sum will be returned to him without being taken into account in the rest of the inheritance. However, if you really have children who are ultra desperate and ultra not happy not to have their pennies, they can take legal action. They are given reason if it turns out that the amount of life insurance is too high compared to the personal assets of the deceased (and this case smells a bit like a scam).

Top 10 tips for disinheriting your children, the little tricks that make you happy
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2. A marriage contract free from cockchafers

Yes, because generally when you disinherit your children it’s more to spin balls to your boyfriend or girl and not to your concierge (not cool for the concierge). So, to do this, it is good form to manage your marriage as it should be so that the spouse has priority over the hereditary reserve. For this, the best thing is to marry under the regime of universal community with a clause of full attribution to the surviving spouse. Like that youpi, as soon as one of the spouses dies, the other recovers all the flouze and nothing goes to the children (on the other hand, if the second parent dies well well that’s for sure a while ago, it falls on the kids).

Top 10 tips for disinheriting your children, the little tricks that make you happy

3. Make lifetime donations to your favorite child

Or to anyone you love for that matter, the principle of a donation is that you do what you want. Well no, not really. Because when you die, we also calculate the number of donations you have made and we see if it does not exceed the available quota (roughly this is the value that must in fact go to your children). So calm down on donations unless you have relaxed thong children who agree to be partly disinherited for the benefit of a third party (like the person who changed your diapers until your last breath) or a charity .

4. Move before settling to a country that is more flexible on inheritance obligations

And that’s because since 2015 (and that’s what happened with dad Johnny, whose main residence was in the United States), you can choose between French law and the law of the country in which we live. But in some countries like the United Kingdom, the hereditary reserve does not exist, so we can disinherit our children tranquillou billou.

5. Change nationality

It takes a bit of work, yeah okay, but at least after that only the law of your adopted country applies and in no case French law. So, don’t play dumb, be careful to change nationality to a country that completely authorizes disinheritance, otherwise it would be a mess.

6. Suspecting your kid of wanting to kill you

It is indeed possible to be ineligible for inheritance when one behaves very badly, such as threatening one’s relative with death or even carrying out this project. If ever we are not in prison, we can see the inheritance whistled. So make your kids hate you enough to make an assassination attempt and then you should be safe. AND BIM THEY WILL HAVE DONE WELL.

7. Withdraw all your money from the bank and put in a bag and bury the bag in a secret place

And if someone ever finds the bag, engaging in a process of self-destruction will set the tickets on fire. That way no one will ever take advantage of it!

8. Don’t die at all

In the hypothesis of immortality, you should indeed no longer be confronted with the problems of inheritance since the absence of mortality should make you survive your own children. That said, even if they are also endowed with immortality, they will not have more reason to inherit since you are still alive. All in all, this immortality suits your business well!!!

9. Not having children first

No children, no inheritance; no inheritance, no problem; no problem, no problem… The memes about people who don’t have kids are very clear on this.

10. Make children then discreetly push them to the edge of a pretty cliff OUSP

See previous point.

Top 10 tips for disinheriting your children, the little tricks that make you happy

Well, I don’t want to say, but this whole story of heredity dates from the Napoleon Code anyway, it was to guarantee the equality of sons while valuing paternal power. Today, we can admit that the family pattern has changed a bit and therefore that the inheritance should not go without saying perhaps if it is.

Source: Le Monde, L’Humanité, Source image

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