Top 10 Times Your Baby Definitely Hates You

A child’s love for his parents, those who accompanied his first days, his first weeks, is self-evident. And except dramatic event, it is engraved for eternity. But in those moments when the child owes you everything, to you who feed him, change him, accept with patience to understand his incessant crying, at any time of the day or night, you are sometimes crossed by doubt: your baby does he really understand all your sacrifices? Doesn’t he sometimes wonder why you come to piss him off all day? In these moments, you have the right to ask yourself the question:

1. When you keep him from sleeping to make him burp(oto)

Yes, it does him a lot of good to burp. But is the kid able to link this satisfying event, a big burp that relieves, with the quarter of an hour you spent patting his back and preventing him from sleeping? No, the baby, quite logically, wonders why a guy 3 or 4 times his size comes to piss him off when he is clearly bloated, and therefore in no mood to be pissed off.

2. When you give him a pacifier when he’s really pissed off

Sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn’t. And there, we feel ashamed. The baby pushes the pacifier away after unsuccessfully trying to tug on it, looks at you as if to say, “Are you having fun, you asshole? A piece of plastic when I have a slab impossible?…” And you want to make him understand that you’re sorry, that it’s your partner’s idea, but it’s too late.

Top 10 Times Your Baby Definitely Hates You
Your Baby Definitely Hates You

3. When you take her temperature the old-fashioned way

Admittedly, your child is only a few weeks old, but he knows full well that in the 21st century, there are other ways to take a temperature than by putting a thing in his anus. Under the arm, on the forehead, even if it’s less precise, it would have done the trick. Just because you want a tenth of Celcius doesn’t mean he has to go along with your every whim.

4. When you give him his bath like a nag

You have to understand: your baby has rather calm days: eating, sleeping, pooping from time to time, but hey, you change him… so he has a little trouble understanding why he has to be immersed in a daily bath. lukewarm water and copiously soaped up. Especially since from what he sees, you’re a hell of a lot dirtier and you only dive an elbow, calm.

5. When you’re the dad you have to admit you don’t have boobs, at least no interesting boobs for him

You rocked him, you sang bullshit to him, you walked him around the apartment, but what baby wanted was the breast, not yours. And when you face the facts and entrust him to his mum, you hear him think so loudly “oh well anyway, finally qualified and competent staff, I thought I was going to spend the day to discuss with the intern…”

6. When you imitate him (poorly), thinking to amuse him

No, it doesn’t amuse him. So at best he ignores you, at worst he looks at you with contempt. Because you hate when people do that, when they stupidly repeat everything you say. So don’t be surprised if your child finds you childish.

7. When you take her to the pediatrician

What will the child retain from this traumatic outing? We took him out of bed, we made him travel to strip him naked in an unknown place, to be fiddled with by a person he doesn’t know, neither Eve nor Adam, and obviously, you were at the aware of this dirty trick. In any case, it is your sorry face that he will see before and after this outing, so you are, in his mind, responsible, or at least an accomplice.

8. When you dress her in scrap clothes

Those of his cousin, his big sister, or the son of a friend who has had time to pass his license since. Admittedly, the child is too young to suspect that he is dressed like a bag, but he feels that pajamas have been washed 300 times before, that they are not exactly his size or that several generations infants have already pissed in it. And that, he will never forgive you.

Top 10 Times Your Baby Definitely Hates You

9. When you have fun watching him pee during diaper changes

Do you have fun? Do you think it’s fun not being able to control your little bladder? DON’T DAMN JUDGE ME!

10. When you don’t understand what he’s trying to tell you

Of course, he only has one way to express himself, but when you check his diaper when he just wants to eat, he must be thinking that he has come across some stars. Damn, it’s not like I need 50 things! a) eat b) change diaper c) hug. It’s still not complicated, damn it! How do you manage to get it wrong?…

Well, we reassure you, if you only have that to blame yourself for, your child will love you anyway.


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