Top 10 times when you lose money by laziness, the waste of society

Even if you’re not full of aces, there are always times when you decide it’s not worth it. You could save money or even get some back, but no, it’s way too complicated. So you stay in denial, like everyone else, and know that it’s completely normal.

1. When to send a care sheet to the CPAM

Since you’re a reasonable person, you decide to go to the dentist to treat the damn carrie. Everything is going well until it’s time to give the vital card and oh surprise, the doctor gives you a care sheet, that orange paper that we all hate. Your face freezes and you take the sheet trying to remain impassive but inside you are devastated. You know very well that you will never send this sheet and that you will therefore never see your money again.

Top 10 times when you lose money by laziness, the waste of societyTop 10 times when you lose money by laziness, the waste of society

2. When you have to return a package and there are 3 weeks left in the entry

While you have been waiting for your order of clothes for too long already, you realize when it arrives that the clothes are not your size. We would have to send the package back, of course, but… we would have to go to the Post Office. And that is beyond your strength.

3. When it’s too complicated to unsubscribe

To educate yourself in peace, you once had the misfortune to subscribe to an online newspaper or a streaming platform. And then, when unsubscribing, you realized your mistake. You had to send a handwritten letter by registered mail with your family record book and a hand-knitted sweater, so of course you gave up.

4. When your Auchan loyalty card is at the bottom of your bag

Loyalty cards are awfully handy, you can accumulate points coughed coughed. Except that not in fact, it’s more boring than anything else and you never know where you put these famous cards. When you try to calculate all the money lost by forgetting to swipe your card at the checkout, it makes you dizzy.

5. When you end up throwing away those coupons hanging on your fridge

Like our parents before us and their parents before them, we can’t help but keep the discount coupons we are given with the receipts. We know we’re not going to use them, but we stick them in the fridge with a magnet, just in case. All that to throw them away 5 months later.

6. When you buy 12 lighters to be able to pay by tobacco card

Tobacconists are at the top of the food chain and they know it. With the famous phrase “Ah no, the minimum for the card is 15€”, they press where it hurts and you then feel trapped. By laziness to go withdraw cash, you buy everything and anything and leave the tobacco with 5 lighters and 8 packets of rolling papers.

7. When you forget your mask and have to buy one for 50 cents each

You may have already experienced this fairly recent problem of forgetting the mask. Instead of going back to get one at home, you decide to buy one at the first pharmacy you find and it’s obviously way too expensive.

8. When you are reimbursed for tickets in loyalty points

On the airline’s website, it was clearly stated that the plane tickets were refundable. In fact, the reimbursement is made in loyalty points and you simply want to die. You know very well that you will forget about them until they expire, but you are too lazy to do anything to avoid that.

9. When you forget for the tenth time to take a shopping bag

Like everyone else, you have dozens of supermarket bags at home and as usual, you forgot to take one to go shopping. You could turn around or try to carry everything at arm’s length, but no, you’d rather buy yet another bag. You try to reassure yourself by telling yourself that you are going to reuse it but you know very well that it is false.

10. When you ventilate with the heating on

The planet is dying because of you and you feel guilty enough, but despite everything, you leave the heating on when you air your house. It’s so complicated to turn off all the radiators and wait for them to come back on afterwards that you’ve decided to give up, even if it means losing money.

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