Top 10 times when you give up before you try, life is too hard

We all think we are good people but we have to admit, we are not always exemplary. There are times when we cheat, others when we are lazy and then there are those situations where we don’t even want to try. If it takes too much effort for a not-so-interesting result, why bother?

1. When you planned to go for a run but it’s a bit chilly

You’ve been saying to yourself for several days “it would be nice if I got into sport” (when in real life, you really don’t want to). At every opportunity that arises, you put on your sports clothes and wait until the last moment to find a crummy excuse like the weather or laundry to do. We understand.

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2. When you have to take a specific exit at Châtelet

There are 19 different exits in the Châtelet – Les Halles complex and in the middle of this merry mess, there is also a shopping center, a cinema, a media library and there would still be enough space to fit the Beauval zoo. Are there really people brave enough to look for the right exit? It’s much easier to take the first one you find.

3. When you had to read Germinal in high school

There are plenty of very boring books that we never managed to finish in middle school and high school, we pretended to have read everything when the teacher asked the question and he pretended to believe us. Worse still, there are books that have never been opened or even bought. Germinal is the first on the list.

4. When your child asks you how babies are made and you answer “you will ask your mistress”

There are three things everyone tries to avoid: unnecessary conflict, liquor chocolates, and awkward questions from kids. When your child asks you how babies are made, you have to make a decision. We can choose to tell the truth, to tell canards based on bees and storks or to flee selfishly. A little respite please.

5. When you see the bus arrive at the stop before you

You have almost arrived at the bus stop, you only have 100 or 200 meters left to go, but disaster: you see the bus arriving in the distance. You could run, hail the driver, or throw yourself in the road, but you’d rather give up. It’s way too much effort.

Picture credits: Topito

6. When your kid refuses to eat anything but pasta with ketchup

You know you’d have to fight like other parents, trick your kid into eating vegetables or beg him to have fruit. Except that in truth, you are a little lazy.

7. When you order McDo while your grocery store is moldy in the fridge

What better feeling than filling your fridge with groceries and ordering food straight after? No. Do you feel guilty when you order again the following week while the broccoli is moldy in the vegetable drawer? Yes. But it’s too late.

8. When you have to buy clothes for a teenager

All adults know that it is completely useless to try to buy clothes for a teenager. It doesn’t matter if you find that cool sweater or those nice shoes on sale, you know for a fact that you won’t like it. Make up your mind and give him money to choose for himself.

9. When you want to play The Sims honestly

What’s the point of playing The Sims if you have to play by the rules? I don’t see how I could have fun if I can’t use Motherlode to get unlimited money. Are we here for work or for fun? Nah but frankly.

10. When you realize that your child has been watching TV for 5 hours

You still remember that time when you said “no screens before 6 years old” or “I don’t want plastic toys in my house”. Haha, how naive.

Sometimes you have to know how to let go in order to be able to chill in peace. There is no point in making unnecessary efforts.

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