Top 10 times Tom Hanks was too nice to strangers

There are people with bad faces and people with nice faces. As much as Carlos Ghosn is rather part of the first category, as much as Tom Hanks is SQUARELY part of the second. And you know why he looks so nice? And bah because he is, nice, as evidenced by all these anonymous people who had the chance to meet him one day in their lives and report on Twitter.


“I went skiing and finished my race on a road with a flat tire. Hell of snow. I go out and start doing the necessary. An SUV pulls up next to me and the driver gets out. We are covered in snow. We freeze them, but we change the wheel together. At the end, we introduce ourselves. Tom Hanks.


A few years ago, I left my phone unattended in the same room as Tom Hanks. The next day I found this photo in my gallery. Let’s be clear: I’ve never met him. But I’m sure it’s as you imagine it to be and I don’t want to know if it’s not.

3. (Must read the second tweet)

I was surprised and moved to receive this personal response from Tom after giving him my late father’s typewriter for his collection. My father had stolen it in Germany when he left for the United States as a refugee from the Second World War. I will keep this letter in my heart forever.


I had friends from the East come to visit Los Angeles. I took them for a walk around the houses of the stars. We park on Mulholland Drive so they can take a picture of the Hollywood sign when a guy slows down, opens the window and says, “Did you get to see some movie stars?” It was Tom Hanks.


In 2008, when Tom Hanks was filming for Angels and Demons in Rome, near the Pantheon, a bride-to-be and her father couldn’t get near the chapel because of all the mess. Suddenly, Tom Hanks stopped his takes to escort the bride down the aisle.

6. Again the second tweet

He’s a great guy. A few years ago, when our bookstore was trying to raise money so it wouldn’t go out of business, he walked around the corner and ended up staying in the bookstore quite a long time, signing autographs and encouraging passers-by to come in.

7. The second tweet again

I worked for a month on a film in which he was shooting. The guy would sit next to me, ask me questions about me and my life… It was a war movie and my brother was in the army at the time. He took a pen and wrote her a little message. What a nice guy.

8. Guess what? You have to read the second tweet

One day I realized that I had dropped a glove and instinctively turned around to see if it was right behind and there was Tom Hanks handing it to me.

9. The second tweet again

I was at a baseball game in Detroit. The guy behind me sighs, “How did that guy get to first base?” I realized it was Tom Hanks at halftime and told him my girlfriend didn’t believe me when I told her I was sitting next to him. He ended up calling my girl. Unbelievable.

10. Good atmosphere with Woody

A hug is all he deserves.

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