Top 10 times Stromae surprised everyone

After more than 7 years of virtual absence, the “new Jacques Brel”, as he was called, is making his comeback in the music game. It is obviously a gift for Stromae fans but also for music in general since we are talking about a singer who has always been able to surprise us. The guy is never where you expect him to be and never does anything like everyone else. For that alone, his return is extremely pleasant.

1. When he sang on TF1’s newscast

That’s the thing everyone’s talking about, and that’s normal since it happened last night and it was really stylish. For those who haven’t seen it, basically, Stromae was interviewed at 8 p.m. on TF1. There he performed his latest track which talks about his suicidal thoughts while sitting in his chair as if he was still answering the interview. It was totally unexpected and very striking. And for those who did not understand my explanation, here is the video, it will be clearer.

2. When he made a clip on hidden camera

If Stromae was already known before, this is the song Awesome who literally blew it up (well, ok, not “literally” either). And if the song was a hit, it is among other things thanks to its clip. Stromae shot it on a hidden camera, playing a drunk guy to film the reactions of passers-by in Brussels. Today we got used to it a bit, but at the time the idea was very original. A master stroke.

3. When he played a man and a woman in the clip of Tous les same

You’ve obviously seen this clip at least once in your life so I’m not going to insult you by describing it to you. On the other hand I can add that you remember the Stromae half woman, half man very well, and that you too found it very strong at the time. I am wrong ?

4. When he gave an interview as a man and a woman to the Grand Journal

Facing Antoine de Caunes, Stromae had invited his “half” wife to participate in the interview before performing the title All The same. Already, it should be noted that the exercise still requires organization and a good acting. But what makes the performance even cooler is that it allowed Stromae to do his self-criticism. And then we simply did not expect it, so I say YES YES YES like Julien Lepers when he hosted Question for a champion.

5. When he did tutorials on YouTube

Today, it has become quite common to see famous artists posting tutorials on the networks to create proximity with their fans. In 2009, no one was doing that. So when Stromae arrived with his “Lessons”, a series of videos that mixed tutorials, humor, live music and vlogging, he caught us once again. In addition, it allowed him to tease the album really well. Square root, therefore doubly well ouej.

6. When he suspended his career

Well, for once, we are not talking about an artistic choice but something that he has suffered a little; Stromae suffered from depression and announced that he would stop playing music in December 2016. We spent years trying to explain why he was doing badly when in the end it was none of our business, but what is certain is that we have all were super surprised to see him stop while he was at the top. Suddenly, it still counts.

7. When we learned that he had dated Tatiana Silva

We were watching the former Miss Belgium who became Miss Weather on our tv when someone told us “Hey did you know she was in a relationship with Stromae a long time ago?” “ and that frankly surprised us all. As proof, here is the transcript of part of this exchange: “BUT NAN ARE YOU CRAZY WITH MY MOUTH ?? !! “. The truth.

Top 10 times Stromae surprised everyone

8. When he hid his wedding from his guests

In December 2015, Stromae got married, and he had a great idea to prevent his wedding from turning into a paparazzi party: not to tell the guests. Finally, more exactly, invite relatives without telling them why they were invited. Suddenly, they all learned when they arrived there that they were going to attend the wedding of Stromae (or rather Paul, since we are talking about the man here). It must be a little shock anyway.

9. When we learned that “stromae” was “maestro” in verlan

The first time we were given this info, it quickly surprised us. The next 50 times, much less. It was even a little suck. Stop explaining to us that Stromae is Maestro in verlan please, we know that. Leave us alone.

10. When he started a civil war in Chile by writing his name in his blood on the floor of the largest ice rink in the country

It obviously never happened, it was just to find out if you were still there. Thanks for reading to the end. Embrace your little families for me. See you soon. And Stromae, if you read that, well it’s really nice. Welcome back to you.

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