Top 10 times referees freaked out (and messed up)

After the refereeing error in the Mali-Tunisia match (the referee stopped the match in the 85th minute, apparently he had something more important to do), we realized that there were some cool stories where referees farted a cable in the middle of a match.

We know a lot of stories of players who manhandle referees, but anecdotes of referees who go freestyle, there are not that many.

Not everyone is Pierluigi Collina (if you don’t have the reference you have nothing to do on Topito Foot), and here are some examples of referees who should perhaps think about retraining.

1. Tony Chapron, the tackling referee

Already his nickname “the tackler referee” says it all, there is something wrong with the refereeing.

In 2018, during a Nantes-PSG match, defender Diego Carlos INVOLUNTARILY pushed the referee and knocked him down. Tony Chapron, therefore the referee, takes the seum and decides to trip the player (where are we there), after that, he gives him a red card, and hop the player is expelled.

In short, Tony Chapron referees very clearly as if it were a five between friends, and that’s the problem.

2. Brian Savill, the only referee to score goals

Brian Savill, English referee in the amateur league, during a match between Earls Colne and Wimpole 2000, decided to take the ball and go to score a goal.

We explain: the match was very unbalanced, as sometimes happens with amateurs, and Wimpole was trailing 18 to 1 (yes, that’s a lot), so 10 minutes before the end of the match, the referee was seized with an “urge ยป and decides to intercept the ball to score a goal to save Wimpole’s honor (but hey they still lose 18-2, not phew).

Nobody really understood this gesture, but as the referee is part of the game, the goal was taken into account. On the other hand, he was suspended for 7 weeks for this act of bravery, which unfortunately was useless.

3. The referee who wanted to take a selfie

During a gala match in Israel “for peace”, the Brazilian Kaka was whistled by the referee, for nothing.

Forced to stop to see the yellow card, the referee actually only did this to take a selfie with the star she admired. The worst is that this action gave the idea to an assistant referee, who therefore uses the same technique on Roberto Carlos to have his photo. A match that goes into a photo shoot: everything is normal.

4. Mike Dean, too happy during a Premier League game

During a match between Tottenham and Aston Villa in 2015, Mike Dean exploded with joy when Tottenham scored a goal.

For us it’s funny, but when you know that the referee is supposed to represent fairness and all the rest, it immediately changes the situation.

5. A Brazilian referee who does not hesitate to put a player in his place

A certain Bira, Brazilian player questions the decision of Tatiane Sacilotti, during a match between Ponte Preta and Sao Paulo,

The line referee does not hesitate for a second to put the player in his place, yelling at him and giving him a bloodcurdling look, nice.

6. The referee who got a red card

This time, the referee didn’t really freak out, but just didn’t seem to have too much humor.

In 2016 during a match between Galatasaray and Trabzonspor, a Trabzonspor player was expelled from the match following the referee’s decision.

And this is where the rest of the story is debated: some say that Salih Dursun, teammate of Luis Cavanda (the one who had just been sent off) would have picked up the referee’s card which would have fallen on the ground and reportedly waved at the referee for a laugh. The more trashy (and more likely) version would be that he would have stolen the referee’s card following his decision, and would have pointed at him, always “for fun”.

In short, in any case the referee Deniz Ates Bitnel did not like it at all and excluded the player who was also suspended for 3 games.

7. In Kuwait, a match that ends in free fight

It was in 2013 during a match of the Emir of Kuwait.

While the referee had just awarded a penalty to Al Arabi (admittedly questionable), the Al Nasr team starts to question this decision and the players get angry with the referee. The latter freaks out and fucks a right to one of the players and chases another, while continuing to distribute red cards to everyone (still, we remain pro).

The scene ends with a successful penalty by Al Arabi, but one of the attackers then shoots directly at the referee, who almost takes a ball in the mouth and shows a new red card.

8. Referee Howard Webb dribbles a player and gets tackled

During a gala match between the Spurs and a selection of selected and retired players, Howard Webb, a famous English referee, got caught up in the match, intercepted the ball and dribbled a player.

The German player Lewis Holtby did not hesitate to seize the opportunity and gently tackled the referee. All this obviously in a good mood and for fun since it was just a gala match.

It would be better not to try the experience in the Premier League.

9. Another tackling story, but not voluntary this time

A Spanish referee, Eduardo Iturradle Gonzalez, in a match between Granada and Valencia, slips and makes a perfect tackle to Sergio Canales, a Valencia player.

Finally Sergio Canales will still score a goal, but will not be very proud to have been tackled by the referee (it’s true that it’s a bit of a shame).

10. The now legendary referee of the Mali-Tunisia match

Janny Sikazwe, the one who refereed the Mali-Tunisia match a few days ago is now known, but despite himself.

Indeed he whistled the end of the match when the clock showed 89 minutes and 45 seconds, without leaving any additional time. Five minutes earlier, the Zambian had already stopped the game before realizing that he was doing something stupid (decidedly).

Apparently, he was the victim of a sunstroke, hence his inconsistencies in refereeing.

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