Top 10 times Elizabeth II broke the codes, a queen like no other

It’s in the front page of all the newspapers: Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her “platinum jubilee” this weekend. Translate: his 70 years of reign (Yes! It’s huge.). The opportunity for England to experience four days of parties and celebrations, but also… To remind us, across the Channel, of all the times the Queen thumbed her nose at protocol. A hell of a woman, I tell you!

1. She was a mechanic during the Second World War

After having looongly insisted with her father: Elizabeth (still a princess at that time) joined the female auxiliaries of the army during the Second World War. She then became a mechanic. Mastery of the cogs of the engines, not afraid of getting your hands dirty and driving an ambulance: the Queen of England is far from the clichés of royalty. For the record, until 1980, it did the technical inspection of its cars itself. Bg.

2. Elizabeth did not hesitate to clash (politely) Vladimir Putin

June 2003, Elizabeth II receives Putin in London. At the time of the meeting, the former Minister of the Interior, David Blunkett, is present. Visually impaired from birth, he had his service dog with him. When the Russian president entered the room, the animal began to bark very loudly. Queen’s reaction: Dogs have interesting instincts, don’t they? “. Lizzie 1 – 0 Vladimir.

3. She told Prince William to invite whoever he wanted to his wedding.

And so: to tear up the official list of (many) guests. 777 people neither Kate nor William had ever seen. Already it pisses us off to invite our best friend’s new uncool girl, so 700 strangers… The balls. Finally, the queen would have simply advised her grandson to throw this list in the trash and to redo one with the names of his friends. “We will add the necessary people in due course. It’s your wedding.” Really a badass granny this Lizzie!


Top 10 times Elizabeth II broke the codes a queen
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4. She changed the inheritance law in favor of the daughters

A modern movement that pleases! For a long time, the next king’s successor was not the first child, but the first sibling. In 2013, the Queen ended this traditional gender-based succession law to open it up to women, while ending male primacy. We love you Lizzie.


5. She came to parliament, dressed in EU colors, in the middle of Brexit

Double act of rebellion on June 21, 2017: firstly, she abandons her crown and her ceremonial clothes, normally worn during this type of appearance, for a much simpler suit/hat. Secondly, the colors of his outfit are very similar to a nice snub to Brexit. All dressed in blue and yellow, many observers see in this outfit an undisguised nod to the European Union. The art of making people talk while remaining classy.

6. She agreed to shoot alongside James Bond

On the occasion of the 2012 Olympics in London, director Danny Boyle imagined a staging in which James Bond flies to the aid of Queen Elizabeth. Who better to embody the role of the queen than the queen herself? Nobody. She therefore did not hesitate for a second to break the protocol to share a short clip with Daniel Craig. The only condition issued by the sovereign: to be able to pronounce a reply: “Good evening, Mr. Bond”. Have we ever told you we love her, Elizabeth II?


7. She allowed her son to marry a divorced person

Until 2002, the Church of England (of which the Queen is the supreme governor) formally prohibited the remarriage of a divorced person, as long as his ex-husband/wife was still alive. From this date, the rule is relaxed! Consequence: Prince Charles was able to marry the love of his life: Camilla Parker Bowles, ex-wife of Andrew Parker Bowles.

But that’s not all ! This new authorization also allowed Prince Harry to marry a divorcee: Meghan Markle, in 2018. Since the queen never stops being modern and surprising, she once again broke protocol by letting the couple say to each other “yes” during a religious ceremony, within Westminter Abbey itself.

Last point marriage: an age-old British law has long prevented Catholics from marrying a member of the royal family. In 2013, the queen changed the law, allowing any member of the royal family to marry a person of another faith, subject to her authorization. On the other hand, a Catholic still cannot ascend the (real) throne of England.

8. She broke the codes of mourning

Sad year 2021 in England… Prince Philip died in April, at the age of 99 (good score, all the same). At the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, the Queen broke custom, letting her grandsons (as well as all male members of the royal family) wear ordinary costume, not the traditional military uniform. A benevolent act, to preserve, in particular, prince Harry. Stripped of his military titles, he was no longer able to put on the uniform.

This is the first time since the announcement of his withdrawal from the royal family that Prince Harry will reappear among his own.

Posted by Madame Figaro on Monday, April 12, 2021

9. She regularly accepts flowers from her fans

Ok, say like that, it doesn’t sound super rebellious… In reality, it’s still a breach of royal protocol! Yes, among the well-received rules that the royal family must respect: the queen cannot receive flowers as a gift.

10. She upset the dates of “Trooping the Colour”

Traditionally, and for more than two centuries, the event takes place on the second Saturday of June. This very official ceremony celebrates the sovereign’s birthday, regardless of his true date of birth. Well this year… Breaking with tradition! The Trooping the Color ceremony took place on a Thursday. June 2 to be exact. A date that was not really chosen at random. June 2, 2022 is also the anniversary of his coronation. Broom.

The festivities of the 70 years of reign of the British sovereign officially open this Thursday, June 2.

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