Top 10 things your physique says about you (according to science and the most…

They say you shouldn’t trust appearances. But in some cases it is wrong. Your body betrays you. Example: wearing a mustache reflects a dictatorial tendency and a flagrant lack of good taste. All that to say that you have to be attentive to the small revealing details.

1. People with asymmetrical faces would make better leaders

According to a study (another), people with symmetrical faces are associated with very positive things, all because symmetry is supposed to be beautiful… That’s why those with an asymmetrical face must develop more qualities and socialize more to make up for their ugly heads. They would therefore be better able to lead.

2. The more a person is interested in you, the more they blink

If, when you talk to someone, that person blinks often, it’s very possible that you will end the evening naked in a bed. If you see that person staring at you with big fried fish eyes, you have something to worry about. Note that blinking often can also be a sign of stress.

3. If someone nods, they’re interested in what you’re saying

A nod and HOP, you know the person is listening to what you are saying with interest. Very useful information if you flirt with someone.

4. A clean-shaven man would be more likely to be successful

Some have nothing to do but study beards. So it would seem that clean-shaven men are more successful in life than their fellow bearded hipsters. It is true that the shaved Churchills, de Gaulle and Roosevelt screwed up the gang of mustachioed dictators during the Second World War.

5. To see someone’s self-confidence, you have to look at their hands.

Someone who is very sure of themselves will tend to spread their fingers. Why ? Because when you have self-confidence, you seek to control more territory. This is why those who lack self-confidence will have constricted fingers, even the thumb hidden under the palm of the hand.

Top 10 things your physique says about you (according to science and the most...
Photo credits (CC BY 2.5): ANNAfoxlover 19:28, 24 January 2007 (UTC)

6. When someone wants to kiss you, their lips swell (but don’t expect to see Angelina Jolie either)

Being very attracted to someone results in a blood flow in certain parts of the body (hello erection!), especially the lips. We are obviously talking about those that are present on the face, what happens in your panties is none of our business.

7. Couples tend to have the same behaviors

We tend to adopt the same behaviors as the person we love. This explains why an overly close relationship with your cat can be extremely detrimental.

Top 10 things your physique says about you (according to science and the most...
Photo credits (CC BY 2.0): Jason Rollison The original uploader was Guerillero at Wikimedia Commons.

8. You can see the risk of heart disease on the earlobe

The presence of ridges and fine lines on the earlobe is associated with a risk of cardiovascular disease without anyone really knowing why. It even has a small name: Franck’s sign.

9. The size of hands and fingers has nothing to do with penis size.

Sorry but big hands = big hands and that’s it. On the other hand, it would seem that the difference in size between the index and the ring finger could give a clue to the size of the pipou. On average, if the index finger is shorter than the ring finger, the man will tend to have a larger penis, whereas if the index and ring finger are the same size popol will be smaller. But don’t get on your toes right away, this is just an average.

10. People with fast heartbeats tend to be more stressed.

Scientists have noticed that on average those whose heart beats faster tend to feel more negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, sadness… Which, when you think about it, is very understandable. Louis Garrel’s depressive face is finally explained!

We kiss you all over your body, because even if you have a micro penis, we love you.

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