Top 10 things you wouldn’t see today on a children’s TV show, other…

At the time, we little Benoît, Guillaume, Dylan, Julie, Marie, Vincent, Thomas, Julien (and all the most common first names of our generation) were faced with very different programs from today. A little throwback to all the stuff that Zulmée, Kilian, Mathis, Suzanne, Jasmin, Ferdinand, Anatole (and all the most common first names of their generation) will no longer see in their TV programs.

1. Ultra violent anime

As Ken the survivor, blood squirts galore, heads are ripped off, bellies gutted, more evil heroes you die. Unlikely that we are confronted with such violent stuff these days, since the chains watch and understand a minimum of what they buy today.

2. Singers without panties

No one has forgotten the magnificent performance of Mallaury Nataf (from honey and bees) and her short dress, very short, with short panties, very short, so short that she didn’t have any. We especially remember that she recently returned to the front of the stage to explain her homeless situation. Childhood dreams have come to naught.

3. Girls recovering from attempted rape in the blink of an eye

Eh yes, Helen and the boys had a nice batch of scandalous stuff including this episode where Taxi survives an attempted rape but phew, the boys avenge her in an extraordinary fight scene that I invite you to watch again without bleeding from your eyes.

4. A dwarf ex-porn actor as in Honey and the Bees

Désir Bastareaud, was not only Giant Coocoo in Honey and Beesa short career as a porn actor preceded his arrival in the sitcom, he even toured with Catherine Ringer, that is to say.

5. An experience of discomfort with Telechat

Roland Topor’s series which was oddly intended for children, all because we see a talking cat so we inevitably say to ourselves that it’s for children but that all the children who have seen this program have become sociopaths. Happy sociopaths, yes, but sociopaths nonetheless.

6. Frankly suggestive scenes like in Nicky Larson

The guy is just an ultra hot dick guy who only thinks about screwing the first girl he comes across, but that doesn’t prevent him from being the hero of this series with very moldy dubbing. But as they say “In the heat of the night evil is always punished. No danger impresses him. He loves hard knocks, and he is passionate about justice. Nicky Larson fears no one”.

7. Scams and harassment in Moi, Renart

Another very amoral series that we are not likely to come across again today with a Fox certainly coked to the bottom of the nostrils who does not hesitate to rip off his uncle who pays him to eat and sexually harass a poor journalist.

8. Voice actors who improvise dialogue to change the original tone of the series

They did not bother in fact on the dubbing of Ken the survivor since the dubbers no longer wanted to work on this project which they considered to be frankly borderline, they nevertheless continued on condition that they had total freedom over the dialogues. As you can hear.

9. Exclusive female characters with a 95D like in Cobra

The opportunity to point out that the series is now available in full and for free on Youtube, if you want to take a little cure in the land of perfect bodies, go for it. Anyway, the series remains cult and essential (and then we’re fed up after a while of watching Leftovers and Game Of Throneswe want to go back to the real series of our childhood).

10. Scenes without faith or law in Michel Strogoff

Another good family cartoon that has traumatized us all with its anthology of cute scenes like everything based on gouging out eyes with incandescent blades, burial of a guy who ends up eaten by vultures, murders, attempted rapes … Phew, we won’t find any blood there (thanks to the censorship), but it was still on France 3 between two episodes of franklin aaaah, the 90s

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