Top 10 things you should never order at a restaurant according to chefs (and they know…

“Going to the restaurant is really nice. It’s a little pleasure that you never get tired of. I will submit this nice little jingle to the World Consortium of Neighborhood Restaurants. In the meantime, going to a restaurant is really nice and we’re all really too eager to go back, but be careful not to order these dishes that even the cooks advise against.

1. Fish on Monday

It seems that most restaurants order their fish on Tuesday and Thursday. So I let you imagine the level of freshness of the fish on Monday. But fish is good when it’s fresh. This is the principle.

2. Overcooked meat

The entire cooking community generally agrees that meat is better when it’s not overcooked. Nobody criticizes you for preferring well-done meat, but it’s just stupid in this case to eat red meat in a restaurant, since there are dishes that could give you just as much pleasure without upsetting the chef. who, to meet your demands, will have to deny everything he believes in.

Skirt steak with coffee rub

3. The dish of the day, but that’s debatable

In fact, there are two schools; in the first, the dish of the day is an agglomeration of soon-to-be-expired things. In general, it can be seen in the face of the restaurant, in its menu where there are too many things, and especially in the slightly muddy title of the dish of the day which summons too many elements to look like a real dish. In the second, the dish of the day is a real dish of the day, decided by the chef according to his stocks and is undoubtedly the best option.

4. Chocolate cake

Unless it’s “homemade”, there’s a 200,000% chance that it’s the basic stuff sold at Metro and that you can find the exact same one at Picard. Suddenly, paying 7 bucks for something industrial drowned in custard, it has no interest as much to take another dessert from the menu.

5. Wine by the glass

Because it will always be more profitable to take a bottle than 4 glasses of wine and that is necessarily what you will end up doing.

6. Fancy burgers

The chic burger gives the illusion that you could get your money’s worth. Hence this burger with truffles or foie gras; but guys, if you’re not in a starred restaurant, the truffles will be truffle oil, essentially chemical, and the foie gras a first price thing that we would normally confuse with soft food for the cat. In truth, a “basic” burger is always better.

Top 10 things you should never order at a restaurant according to chefs (and they know...
Photo credits (CC BY 2.0): Joe M500 from 24hr Siren City – Medical District – CHICAGO

7. Chicken in general

Chefs generally agree that ordering chicken is for fools. Because chicken isn’t expensive, and it’s never especially better cooked in a restaurant than at home; because chicken, too, is not that easy to cook well and because, in the rush of a kitchen, chefs tend to make it too dry. And because there’s so much better stuff than chicken on the menu that it really sucks.

Chicken breast

8. Anything with soy

Small bean sprouts are the most beautiful effect from a decorative point of view, but they have two major disadvantages: first, they have no taste and are therefore useless; then, due to the marshy environment from which they come, they contain a very high level of bacteria and therefore represent a potential threat. Even if it means asking for a la carte amenities, you might as well ask without bean sprouts.

9. Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict is the best thing in the world: smoked salmon or bacon, two poached eggs, muffins, Hollandaise sauce. But this is where the shoe pinches. Hollandaise sauce is not an easy sauce to make, you have to have a good knack so that the butter does not coagulate in the lemon juice. And above all, it’s a sauce whose shelf life is very limited, otherwise the butter may go sour. However, in most restaurants that take 1000 euros for their Sunday brunch, the sauce is prepared well in advance and tastes amazing.

10. Dish Changes

Here again, there are two valid reasons for not asking for an arrangement on a dish: the first is that this arrangement, even if it is accepted, will annoy the chef and that there is every chance that he will forget, that you are frustrated and that you do not dare send the dish back, transforming this moment of magic into a real bad moment. The second is that, if you are in a restaurant renowned for the quality of its dishes, it is a safe bet that the chef knows what he is doing and is qualified to marry flavors. Asking for a change can upset the balance. For food intolerances, it can be understood, but otherwise it’s just a whim.

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