Top 10 things you never see in movies and so much the better

There are obviously lots of things you never see in the cinema but when you think about it, it’s rather a good thing. Between the long and boring moments, those where we no longer understand what is happening and the frustrations that make you want to cry, we would not be happier if the films resembled our lives too much.

1. A guy who can’t finish his sentence

When you chat with friends on a daily basis, it happens far too often that someone has a bug and can no longer articulate. We confuse words, we make improbable mistakes in French and sometimes we can’t even speak. Of course, that never happens in the movies because it would be really difficult to understand the conversations.

2. This friend who asks you 3 times to repeat your sentence

You know well that moment of discomfort when someone asks you a question and, for no reason, your ears have decided to stop working. So you ask to repeat. And once again. And once again because you really don’t understand. If we saw that in movies, we would quickly get tired of it.

3. Friends who decide on a time to meet

Why are movie or series characters never precise when they should see each other? We hear them say to each other, “Are we still seeing each other tonight? Okay great, see you later! but no one knows what time. Normal.

Top 10 things you never see in movies and so much the better

4. People who say “Wait, I’ll be back, I really have to go to the bathroom”

It happens all the time in real life and it doesn’t matter if the conversation is serious or not. If you have to pee, you go to the bathroom and the person spends 5 minutes on their phone waiting for you to come back. If we saw that in a movie, it would be a bit boring.

5. The lame moment when we say goodbye on the phone

As it’s not interesting for anyone to listen to people say to themselves “Good see you soon, we’ll keep you informed, huh! Go hello, a kiss to Hervé, ciao”, we cut it in the movies. It’s weird because people seem to cut their conversations short, but if we were entitled to the whole thing, we’d be fed up.

6. People looking for a place to park

Even when they live in big cities, movie characters never struggle to find a parking space. They don’t go around the neighborhood four times praying silently, they don’t say “Are you leaving or are you arriving? to other motorists and above all, they never miss their slots. So much the better, because that would be really long.

Top 10 things you never see in movies and so much the better

7. People who miss breaking their necks while walking

I have a friend who is super clumsy and twists her ankle three times a week but even without struggling so much in life, we all trip a little when there is a hole in the road. In the movies, the only thing that happens to them is to break a heel (whereas it never happens to anyone in real life).

8. A guy who has to wait for the end of his washing machine to leave home

As you have a little trouble managing your daily life, you are often forced to wait for the end of the spin cycle of your machine to leave in the evening. And then you have to hang up the laundry because otherwise there’s no point in waiting. This kind of trouble never happens to movie characters and even if it’s a fair one, it’s better than watching a guy wait in his bathroom for 15 minutes.

9. Someone saying “who has an iPhone charger?”

Strangely, people in movies never need to charge their phones. A little easy.

Top 10 things you never see in movies and so much the better

10. A girl who cleans her cat’s litter box

Movie characters always have animals and often they are cats. They strut around, are petted and are sometimes lost but what you never see is their master picking up the droppings in the litter. It would be kinda funny though.

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