Top 10 things you never know where to put, no wonder it’s a mess

1. Suitcases

We use them three times a year and they spend the rest of the time lying around wherever we find a little place for them. They are sometimes under a bed, under clothes in the closet or in a dark corner of the room. The best thing would be to be able to rent suitcases for cheap. It’s decided, I’m launching my business; who wants to invest?

2. Christmas decorations

We are super happy to take out the Christmas decorations every year and each time, it’s a hassle to put them away. Obviously, we are not talking about people who have a laundry room or a cellar specially designed to store their mess, but about the little people who store the garlands above the cupboards. With an artificial tree, it’s even worse.

3. The mop bucket

When you’re a clean person, you have to have a mop that comes with the devil’s object: the bucket. It’s ugly, it’s plastic, it’s a super flashy color, and it takes up way too much space. He often hangs shamefully in the bathroom and we would like more than anything that he disappears.

4. Garden games when it rains

When you have kids AND a garden, it’s hard to escape cumbersome garden games like trampolines, inflatable pools and dozens of balls. As long as the weather is nice, we allow ourselves not to think about it, but everything is called into question at the start of winter. If you’re a slacker, you’ll choose denial so you can watch the plastic mold and blow away during the first storm of the year.

5. The drying rack

Like the mop bucket, the drying rack is as ugly as it is essential. It takes up space even folded and shamelessly spoils the decor of your home. If anyone has a solution for storing this devilish object when you have a bathroom of two square meters, I’m all ears.

6. Camping stuff

When we think back to vacations with family or friends from our childhood, we always forget one detail: we never knew where to put the tents, mattresses, pumps and cooler the rest of the year. Fortunately, there are now tents that fold up in two seconds and mattresses that fold up like a sheet of paper.

7. Shoe boxes

I have never understood people who keep the boxes of their pairs of shoes when they know full well that they are not going to use them anymore. It takes up space for nothing and you never know where to put them, what’s the point? If you’re afraid that your shoes will get damaged in your closet, you’re not ready to wear them on the street…

8. Mustard glasses and festival goblets

When you move in, you usually have six or ten more or less assorted glasses, but over the years, you start to accumulate. Three mustard glasses here, twelve festival goblets there and you soon find yourself with an overflowing cupboard. Do not be surprised to break things afterwards.

9. The much too bulky corkscrew

When you become a real adult who drinks quality wines and organizes dinners with friends, you must have a super bulky corkscrew that corkscrews in three seconds flat. The problem is that it does not fit in the cutlery drawer and therefore sits on the worktop to remind everyone that you are never against a small glass.

10. Bonus: The fitness mat

It’s nice to exercise at home, but it’s much more boring to have to find a place for dumbbells, rubber bands and worst of all: the fitness mat. Fortunately, Decathlon has found a way to hide this rug by giving it a use, even when you’re slumped on your sofa. This fitness mat turns into a beautiful pillow (yes, it’s wonderful).

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