Top 10 things you must have in your vacation suitcase if you have children

Come on, you’re off for several weeks of family vacation, yay yay. Before, when you didn’t have children, you were satisfied with little. Since you gave birth to small roasts, you find yourself cluttered with things that take up crazy space. And again, I’m not talking about YOUR children’s suitcase, just yours, which is obviously polluted with your dwarfs’ belongings. And you know what ? All parents are the same, if that makes you feel any better.

1. Armbands

And you will forget that you had taken some in your suitcase, and you will buy some at the Super U in the village where you will put your suitcases, like every year. At the end of the holidays, when it’s time to pack your bags, you’ll realize that yes, indeed, you had taken the Frozen armbands from last year, and that they were calmly waiting for you under the pairs of socks that you didn’t use a vacation, but you still took it “just in case”.

2. Mosquito repellent

Something that stinks, that sticks, that costs a kidney and half an arm, and that absolutely does not work. Every year you get fooled, telling yourself that science must have progressed in a year, and developed a product that really works. Spoiler: no.

3. Soothing cream

Because precisely, the mosquito spray didn’t work (like every year), and you have to apply layers and layers on the skin of your children who have hit an air raid of critters on every patch of skin which was not protected by clothing.

4. Spare comforters

In case you lose the official cuddly toy on a motorway service area, during the pee break. This year, you planned wide, you even took three just in case, you never know. Spending a peaceful holiday without a cuddly toy is not possible. Better plan ahead. Even if overall the comforters are horrible.

5. Holiday notebooks

You stashed them at the bottom of your own suitcase, to avoid the monumental crisis if ever your children had the misfortune to fall on them. Throughout the summer, you’ll use them as bargaining chips, saying “if you want ice cream for lunch, finish pages 3 and 4 first”.

6. Toys

Because you’re afraid they’ll get drunk and come and get you drunk while you’re taking a big, well-deserved nap. Just in case, you preferred to add two or three Barbies and cars that drive on their own in your personal luggage, to plan for it.

Top 10 things you must have in your vacation suitcase if you have children

7. A dozen books never read

Because you haven’t had time to read this year, they’re gathering dust on your bedside table, and the holidays are the perfect opportunity to read last year’s Goncourt (or even year before). What naivety. Your books will be back on your bedside table as soon as you get home, because you haven’t had the time (and the motivation) to read them. On the other hand, you will be perfectly up to date in the numbers of Here and Closer.

8. SPF 80 sunscreen

Whereas before, you burned your skin with Monoi. Now you swear by the creams with the highest index, and on top of that you no longer expose yourself during the hottest hours, because they coincide exactly with nap time children. What a life.

9. An anti-bobo kit

Venom-aspirator, bandages, cream for sunburn, disinfectant, tweezers for splinters, bandage, two tubes of arnica, anti-bite cream, smecta, sachets of rehydration, a rectal thermometer, Doliprane pipette and phy serum. The base, what.

10. Family size shower gel

Because you keep it simple, and the 3 liter cans of shower gel are very practical, everyone can wash with them, hair included. So yes, the whole family smells like a baby, but who cares, it’s the holidays.

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