Top 10 things you don’t see in movies about the end of the world, we love zombies

There are so many movies and series about the end of the world that we can’t even list them anymore and yet there are always things that surprise us. Whether in zombie, alien or natural disaster movies, we always ask ourselves the same questions and we decided to share them with you today.

1. Moldy food in stores

When society collapses, there is usually no electricity and the food in supermarkets goes moldy very, very quickly. So inevitably, all the fresh department must stink of death and the fruits and vegetables must have merged to become a heap of decomposing porridge. The stores are therefore necessarily filled with disgusting flies and worms but strangely, this is never the case. The survivors of the apocalypse are still strolling through tidy supermarkets and you only see the cake and tin can departments.

2. Dead animals in zoos

When society collapses, everyone quits their job leaving everything behind. So inevitably, animals that live in captivity are left to their fate and end up starving in their cages. Or they manage to escape to eat other animals or humans. It would be an interesting challenge in an apocalyptic movie, but we still focus on humans. Yet another good reason to hate zoos anyway.

3. The place where they find drinking water

If the end of the world happened tomorrow and the survivors wandered into the forest, the main cause of death would surely be dysentery (a disease you get when food and water aren’t clean enough). But strangely, the survivors in the films always find drinking water and are in good shape to survive.

Top 10 things you dont see in movies about the

4. Lice, fleas and ticks

After several months of wildlife without regular showers or soap or detergent, it seems obvious that we end up attracting the critters. Logically, film characters should be infested with lice and fleas, but also with ticks from wandering around in tall grass. But no. They all have clean clothes and smell of roses. It’s fishy anyway.

5. Lack of vitamins

By dint of eating squirrels killed with a crossbow, we quickly run out of vitamins and it seems that it is really important to survive. A nice squeeze of orange juice wouldn’t hurt movie characters, but apparently they don’t care. They look great, have all their teeth, and no one ever gets scurvy. Good for them.

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6. Rats in the cities

If Paris were deserted overnight, the rats would take over the city and it’s not zombies or aliens that could stop them. Yet when zombies attack cities in World War Zwe do not see rats squatting the streets of Philadelphia.

7. People who know what a zombie is

There’s something super disturbing about zombie movies and yet they hit us every time.

In Twilight, Bella quickly understands that Edward and his family are vampires because she knows the concept, she was not born yesterday. In avengers, people know what a superhero is because they’ve read comics or seen movies about it. In Alienthe characters immediately understand that the creature is an alien because everyone knows what it is.

So, could someone explain to me why in ALL movies and series with zombies, nobody seems to understand what is going on? People have obviously never heard of zombies in their lives and don’t know that you have to aim for the head to kill them. It’s really incomprehensible.

8. Zombies finishing their meal

Originally, zombies attack people to devour them, not to transform them since they don’t have that intelligence. However, if the zombies ate all or almost all of their victims, the latter would never turn into zombies and therefore there would not be as many. So why do they attack anything that moves if they’re not that hungry?

9. Airplanes and ships

In the event of a zombie attack, you have to take refuge in deserted or inaccessible places. We all know that zombies can’t fly or swim, so we could use a plane to take refuge in height or a boat to go to an island. The thing is, the planes are surely commandeered at the start of the apocalypse and the boats… well, you absolutely never see any. And that’s a shame.

10. People who commit suicide

Finally, this is the question that everyone is asking: why do you want to survive at all costs? When you have to survive in a hostile environment, all your friends are dead and you can get eaten at any time, what’s the point of continuing? In the first season of The Walking Deadwe can see two people who decide to commit suicide by staying in a building that will explode but that never happens again afterwards.

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