Top 10 things we don’t wash often enough, and it’s a little disgusting

It’s always the same debate: is it dirty or not dirty to smell your clothes (no), to pee in the shower (no) or to lend your toothbrush (yes, obviously it’s despicable)? We all know there are things we can’t wash because we’re too lazy to do things right but we act like nothing’s happened. But there are some things you can’t ignore, and unlike clothes you don’t need to wash often, you can’t sleep in the same filthy sheets for months.

1. Towels

What you should do: Lay out your towel properly every day so that it dries properly. Then, you have to change your towel twice a week and wash it directly at 60°C.

What you do : Leave your towel loose on your bed after your shower and wash it only when you think about it, so three times a month.

Top 10 things we dont wash often enough and its

2. Pajamas

What you should do: Wear your pajamas two or three nights and put them in the wash with your other clothes. Because yes, you sweat like a pig at night so there’s no reason to bathe in your dirt any longer.

What you do : Wear your pajamas day and night, in your bed like in the supermarket and for at least a month.

3. Bed sheets

What you should do: Change the sheets every week and put them in the wash, struggling to hang them up because you don’t have the space and struggling to fit the duvet into the clean cover.

What you do : Being too lazy to change them every time you come home and lying in dirty sheets with cake crumbs.

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4. Oven and microwave

What you should do: Clean it quickly after each use and clean it thoroughly twice a month to remove grime.

What you do : Act like you didn’t see that grease stuck on the grill.

5. Tea towels and napkins

What you should do: Put all the dishcloths in the wash every three days to wipe your dishes with something really clean.

What you do : Use the same cloth for the dishes, your hands and the table and only change them when they are stained.

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6. Bath mats

What you should do: Change your mat twice a week and wash it at the same time as your bath towel.

What you do : Keep it a little too long and dust it by shaking it at the window to remove the hair.

7. Phone screens

What you should do: Clean your screen with disinfectant pchit-pchit and a small cloth because it’s still cleaner.

What you do : Use your phone in the toilet, on the bus, in the supermarket and never clean it.

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8. Doormat

What you should do: Shake it from time to time to remove dust and put it in the washing machine every month.

What you do : Throw away your doormat when it’s too dirty and sneakily steal the neighbour’s.

9. Curtains

What you should do: Detach them and wash them twice a year before putting them back clean and ironed.

What you do : Do not buy curtains so that your neighbors have the pleasure of seeing you go through in your underwear in the morning.

Top 10 things we dont wash often enough and its
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10. Sponges

What you should do: Have a sponge for the dishes, a sponge for the table and the worktop and a third for the yucky stuff (like bathroom joints). And above all, you have to change the sponges every week.

What you do : Let the dishes pile up without washing them, use the sponge to clean your shoes and never change them. Normal what.

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