Top 10 things we didn’t expect, but still disappoint us

During his birthday party, this dear Dewey released one of the best replicas of the Malcolm series: “I didn’t expect anything and I’m still disappointed”. Obviously, we all experienced similar moments and it seemed important to me to bring them together in this top. Let’s all be disappointed together, for a change.

1. Win nothing with your scratch ticket

When you buy a scratch ticket for fun, you know very well that you won’t win anything (or maybe just 2€). However, when you see the word “LOST” written in huge letters to humiliate you, you can’t help but be disappointed.

2. A new season of La Casa de Papel

The first season of the series was nice, you can’t say the opposite. The concept was innovative, the characters endearing and the cliffhangers effective. The problem is that the Netflix sequel was really bad and with each episode we watched, we knew that the next one would be worse. When the new season came out, we knew it would be bad, we watched anyway and were disappointed when we had no expectations.

Top 10 things we didn't expect, but still disappoint us

3. This improvised evening that drags on

Tonight, you had planned to go home and be bored all alone in front of the TV, but now one of your friends is offering an aperitif at his place at the last moment. So you go, because why not? You don’t expect much but it will already be better than doing nothing. After a few hours, you realize that you would have preferred to do nothing.

Top 10 things we didn't expect, but still disappoint us

4. Take the same thing as your friend at the restaurant and have to eat something bad

You must know this friend who can’t make up his mind at the restaurant and if you don’t know one, it’s because it’s you. The waiter looks at you insistently and you end up saying “Same! “. You don’t expect anything since you’ve already forgotten what your friend ordered and you realize too late that it would have been better to have a Caesar salad.

5. Speeches by Castex and Véran

At the start of the pandemic, we awaited Macron’s speeches with fear and excitement. Today, we have speeches from Castex every ten days and there is never any new information. Each time, we turn on the TV knowing that nothing will be announced but we are still disappointed at the end of having lost 40 minutes of our life.

Top 10 things we didn't expect, but still disappoint us

6. RER C

You know the hassles of the RER and you know very well that there are always problems on line C. However, when you arrive on the platform and you see “Next train in 26 minutes”, you can’t help to be drunk.

7. This random $3.50 bottle of wine

You know very well that you don’t know anything about wine and that you won’t put more than 5 bullets in a bottle of white wine. However, when you find yourself in front of the shelf, you take a few minutes to choose: you look at the names, the prices, the design on the label and even the color when all the wines at 3€ are bad. Finally, you leave the supermarket almost happy with your find and when you drink your first sip, you are disappointed to realize that this wine is disgusting.

Top 10 things we didn't expect, but still disappoint us

8. Your child’s end-of-year show

The elementary school fair is probably the worst man-made event. In addition to the super expensive games and drinks, there is obviously the end show that you have to watch carefully. You obviously don’t expect anything but in the end, you still manage to be uncomfortable with the catastrophic performance of your kid.

9. Music Festival concerts

While some think concerts are really cool, the Fête de la Musique is really just an excuse to get drunk and hang out in the streets with your friends. To try to look good, you decide to go and listen to a few concerts all the same, but the music is rarely of high quality.

Top 10 things we didn't expect, but still disappoint us

10. An album by Pascal Obispo

When a new album comes out, you think it will be as bad as the previous one. Surprise! In fact, it is worse than the previous one.

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