Top 10 things we already know about the new season of Koh-Lanta

That’s pretty much what every Frenchman said to himself when he saw that Koh Lanta was back next week. Only a few months after the end of “Koh-Lanta the Legend” (lol). It must be said that it was necessary to forget the disaster of this last season, marred by cheating, hunger strikes and Ugo who does not win. In short, we are always annoyed so let’s not talk about it anymore.

For the rest, the season is starting to unfold a bit and we already have some information. No spoilers, rest assured. But a lot of new features and above all a cast entirely made up of new and new players, and that’s great news. For the rest, here is what awaits you very quickly. We didn’t think we’d say that so soon but: we can’t wait!

1. A mysterious name…

“Koh-Lanta: the cursed totem”

No, it’s not the name of an unreleased Tintin album, but the name of the next season. Eh yes.

Because this season: big change! There will not be ONE but TWO totems. The classic totem that you earn by winning an event. And the rotten totem when you finish in last place. And inevitably, it will be necessary to avoid it at all costs because the penalties which go with it could be terrible and have repercussions on the whole adventure.

The idea is interesting, remains to be seen the penalties and especially how they will be allocated.

Top 10 things we already know about the new season of koh-lanta

The cursed totem may be a little too strong, isn’t it?

2. An example of madness

A small example of the power of the rotten totem, revealed by the production: at the end of the very first event of the season, which will be individual, the two losers (a man and a woman) will leave with a handicap because of the cursed totem: a vote against them at EVERY council until reunification.

In other words: an incredible sauce.

The cursed totem will therefore have a crazy impact on the season, and we can’t wait to know its other powers. The stuff is HORRIBLE.

Top 10 things we already know about the new season of koh-lanta

3. Back in the Philippines.

A little visual pleasure this season, since after two seasons in Polynesia: Koh-Lanta returns to the Philippines.

We will therefore be entitled to landscapes of furious madness as with Palawan in 2007 and Caramoan in 2008. And who says Philippines means the return of animals: monkeys, snakes, and all kinds of insects…

Hoping for the return of Mohamed’s goat grandchildren as well.

Top 10 things we already know about the new season of koh-lanta

4. A Fresh Cast

Finally got rid of the old ones.

Finito legends, heroes and other forcers who return for a 50th season. And that’s good, we couldn’t take it anymore. So it will be 24 little new and little news that will land this season. Unpublished profiles and perhaps future legends who knows.

But we won’t say too much, we have a little presentation in good and due form for you before the start!

Top 10 things we already know about the new season of koh-lanta

How many times have you attempted the casting for this Tehe season?

5. It starts badly…

On the other hand, the pans continue for Koh-Lanta.

The info comes from Le Canard Enchainé and still tarnishes the image of the show a little: one of the candidates for this season is currently indicted for manslaughter. This is a senior firefighter who is accused (along with others) of negligence in an intervention that cost the life of one of his firefighters and injured several others.

Whether her guilt is proven or not in a few months, it doesn’t really care. It is hard to imagine the pain of the families of the victims in front of their TV on Tuesday evening. Of course, it was difficult (but not impossible) for the production to know the case but once again, it’s going badly.

6. Tasting is back!

Fast forward to much better news: the tasting event is finally back after several years of absence.

And we are too happy. Mutton heart, bull’s balls, frog cheeks and larvae’s eggs: whatever the menu, it promises to be grandiose.

Small birds are even predicting that this would be the very first event of the season and could therefore have a huge impact.

Have a good meal, of course !

7. No rice at the start

As during Koh-Lanta The legend (lol), the adventurers did not have rice at the start. Yet these have never experienced such deprivation, and it could hurt the organisms.

“There have been many seasons without rice from the start and when the candidates manage to get out of it, they are very proud” explains Denis Brogniart. Okay.

But suddenly when they don’t get out of it, they will empty the kitchens of the motel du coi, is that necessarily better? We’ll see.

Top 10 things we already know about the new season of koh-lanta

One of these boxes contains CURSED rice so make the right choice

8. Three teams.

Another good news: there will be 3 teams from the start.

It’s all stupid, but in general it guarantees a good season. Because there is a lot more mixing of players and therefore less old team against old team. And that is so much better.

Top 10 things we already know about the new season of koh-lanta

When there are three teams but you’re in none of them

9. No cheating.

Denis says it: “The candidates showed great fair play from the first to the last day. »

At first glance, the message is clear.

All restaurant owners in the Philippines are sad, but this is good news.

Top 10 things we already know about the new season of koh-lanta

I don’t understand how they did it…

10. It’s the only season of the year

So of course, the show is coming back quickly but take advantage of it: it will be the only one of the year.

No Koh-Lanta at the start of the school year, nor this winter because of the football World Cup. But I assure you, a season will arrive in 2023 because the casting is already complete and filming will take place this summer.

And then a little break, it will do everyone a world of good. That way, we’ll get even more out of this Cursed Totem!

Top 10 things we already know about the new season of koh-lanta

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