Top 10 things we almost saw in our favorite Disney movies

We already know that you know Disney by heart. Like this test of Disney characters, you have direct 100% success. But you cannot know what did not exist. Here are the script choices and scenes removed from Disney animated films. The temperature will rise (I say that because the weather report announces the sun).

2. In Frozen, Elsa could have been the villain of the movie.

It was planned in the base scenario. There was even a scene where Elsa was torturing Hans’ guards, to the utmost calm. It was only later that the creative team decided to make Elsa and Anna sisters and strong female characters.

3. In an alternate Lion King ending, Scar would burn to death

But hey, you have to believe that it must have been a bit too trashy to see an animal burned alive. It’s better to see him being eaten by the hyenas, there’s like a backlash.

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4. In Mulan, Mulan had to marry Li Shang from the beginning

It was the base scenario. Then Mulan, wanting to escape this forced marriage, joined the army in scred in order to put brushes on Shan Yu by singing Like a man. I think the script we had in the movies is much better, because now we have one of the best Disney ever.

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5. In Aladdin, Rajah was to be a servant and Abu an elderly char-clo

I’m not talking about the lame Aladdin with Will Smith and even less about the one with Kev Adams, but about the 1992 masterpiece. In this original film, no animals, only humans, a Rajah who is a devoted servant to Jasmine, and an Abu, an old man with the same character as the monkey, but surely more troublesome.

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6. In Toy Story, Woody had to be a first-class fdp

The base storyline called for a cynical, power-hungry Woody, and he was the one who deliberately threw Buzz out the window. Askip did not have more parents and children during tests, so it started with an accident and a quieter Woody in the underpants.

7. In Incredibles 2, Craig cuts his finger, revealing to his friends that he is a superhero.

In fact, in this scene from the beginning of the film, the family tries to live peacefully like normal people. During a barbec, Mr. Incredible cuts his finger, but does not suffer. He must then pretend to be in pain and to have blood in order to pass for a normal human. Muggles see nothing but fire.

8. In Moana, Moana must have had 6 older brothers but no grandmother

His big brothers would have taught him how to sail, but Gramma Tala wouldn’t have been there to teach him the history of his ancestors and all the cool promos at Lidl. I think that once again, the writers made the right choice.

9. In Lilo & Stitch, there was supposed to be a scene with racist tourists

If you understand English in the following video, so much the better, if not, I’ll explain. In this deleted scene, the tourists don’t care about Lilo’s face, who nevertheless gently explains to them that when the siren rings, a tsunami is approaching. The tourists don’t care and suddenly the siren sounds. It’s a trap, the siren rings at a specific time, to do a test. Only the real locals know this and stay cushy.

10. In Beauty and the Beast, the song Humans Again was supposed to be 11 minutes long.

You imagine ? 11 minutes of non-stop Disney song that sticks in your head for the rest of your life? What a crazy bet. Especially on a pas ouf song from a pas ouf movie (oops).

By the way, we know from a secret source that you would also like to be a Disney villain. That’s good, by taking this test, you can find out which Disney villain suits you best. Life is good anyway. You can also come and find the Disney villain gift that suits you best!

Source: Screenrant, Buzzfeed

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