Top 10 things to see in Munich in a weekend, the ideal destination

Not super far from Paris by plane, Munich lends itself perfectly to the “short stay” format and can therefore be wonderfully suited for a weekend with friends or family. So, when you don’t stay somewhere very long, you have to optimize and see only the best. Hence this top specially designed so as not to miss the essentials of this oh so welcoming city!

1. The Hofbräuhaus beer hall

Nothing like a good beer to start your weekend in Munich. Just to set the tone! Here, we order liters and not pints. Finally, it all depends on whether you want to blend into the landscape, eh. Be that as it may, drinking in this illustrious brasserie, one of the oldest in Munich, is like taking over from Mozart, JFK or Louis Armstrong.

2. Marienplatz

Once your thirst has been quenched, head to the central square of Munich! The historic heart which, in addition to centralizing a large part of the effervescence of the city, offers the possibility of admiring the spectacular neo-Gothic town hall. Magnificent ! A little pretzel and off we go!

3. Frauenkirche Munich

No, it is not about a specialty which is related to the body but about the cathedral of Munich. Located to the northwest of the town hall square, it watches over the inhabitants since 1525. Also in the Gothic style, it is truly different from our cathedrals, in particular due to the rather bare style of its interior, but turns out to be more majestic. Don’t miss the collection of works from the 14th and 15th centuries.

4. The Viktualienmarkt market

It’s time to eat, isn’t it? Head to the Viktualienmarkt! Perfect for eating a local specialty quickly and well, this market with more than 140 stalls attracts many tourists. The scent that escapes from it is enough to justify its popularity.

5. Nymphenburg Palace

A small castle to digest? Well, not really small, because this 18th century royal palace located northwest of the city center is quite substantial. Known for its architecture but also for its marble hall, with its spectacular frescoes, this building also has the advantage of being in the middle of a superb park. This is where you can admire the Monopteros, a neoclassical style temple.

6. The Brandhorst Museum

Always nice to take refuge in case of hot weather or simply when you like to gorge yourself on culture, museums also allow you to truly admire unique pieces. Here, in Munich, at the Brandhorst, some masters of contemporary art are exhibiting, like Andy Warhol. The building itself is a work of art.

7. Bavaria Film Studio

How about getting out of town to visit one of the biggest German film studios? This is where The Great Escape, Das Boot and The Neverending Story were filmed. Very informative and quite original!

8. Munich Residence

We return to Munich itself to see a little closer the castle of the dukes, princes and kings of Bavaria. A mixture of Renaissance, Rococo, Classical and Baroque styles, this rather impressive building houses the crown jewels but not only. Many treasures are hidden in its rooms. Jewels but also wonders such as the Antiquarium, the Theatin Gallery, the Emperor’s Staircase, the State Room… A bit like the German equivalent of our Versailles.

9. BMW Museum and Olympic Park

Because Germany is also the other land of cars, a visit to the BMW museum is a must. The first models are proudly exhibited there, as well as several racing cars like the BMW H2R and its hydrogen engine. The engine-shaped building is also worth a visit. When you like that kind of stuff. And while you’re there, take some time to stroll around the Olympic Park, which hosted the Summer Olympics in 1972.

10. The district of Schwabing

We end the weekend with a short walk in this bohemian district. Ideal for a drink, a bite to eat, shopping, immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the city and tasting its many flavors. Since it’s home to Germany’s largest student residence, it’s also pretty good for partying.

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