Top 10 things to see in Indonesia, a country of great beauty

Indonesia is chic, shocking, super cool. In addition, it’s super convenient because it’s super close by plane (6 p.m.) and super cheap (don’t look at the prices, it’s a trap, it’s expensive). Today we present to you everything you can do in Indonesia.

1. Komodo Island

Komodo is THE thing to do in Indonesia. For about fifty euros from Labuan Bajo (small fishing town at the end of the island of Flores), you have an excursion that takes you first to the island of Komodo to observe the Komodo dragons which are present only in this part of the world and are among the most dangerous animals in the world. But also, Padar Island, an incredible panoramic point allowing you to take your best Instagram photos, Pink Beach (if you understand a minimum of English it’s ok), and a point to swim with manta rays. That is the demand of the people ? To go to Komodo.

2. Mount Bromo

Going to Mount Bromo means getting up very very early, leaving very very early (like 3 am) to go and observe a volcano in the cold and at night. Oh yes, I forgot to specify, the volcano is still active, its last eruption dates back to 2016, and the next could occur at any time. But, it’s still very beautiful and it makes you forget that you can die at any time.

3. Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta, or, to simplify, Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat, is a city on the island of Java known for its traditional culture. If the city itself is certainly quite nice to visit, it is its two temples that attract thousands of tourists.

The Borobudur temple, a huge Buddhist pilgrimage site built around the year 800, and the Prambanan temple, a set of 240 Hindu temples. In addition to that, there are churches in the city. And all these people manage to live together in peace. We salute.

4. Rice Terrace Tegalalang

The rice terraces are a bit THE must-have thing if you go to Bali. You can watch the farmers cultivating the rice, take a break from the bars just above the rice fields, and even swing in the rice fields. However, pay attention to two things:

1. Don’t get ripped off by Indonesians who triple their price when they see your naive little tourist look

2. Don’t fall off the swing (otherwise you’re dead).

5. Tana Toraja

Located on the island of Sulawesi, Tana Toraja is populated by people who practice animism, for them all objects have a spiritual essence. They therefore adopt very elaborate funeral rites, tree burials for dead infants before teething, the sacrifice of buffaloes and pigs by collecting their blood, and the exposure of dead people by hanging them in caves. The insult “dig up your dead” therefore takes a completely different turn among the Toraja.

6. Ulun Danu Temple

If you go to Bali and want to buy a postcard (who still buys postcards in 2021?)(me), you will find this temple on ALL the postcards. It’s beautiful, it’s instagrammable, and it’s lost in the middle of nothing, you’ll have to drive 3 hours to get there.

7. The Gili Islands

Do you see Heaven? No, you can’t see, because you’ve never been to the Gili Islands. If you go there, you will see:

– Water clearer than your future.

– Horse-drawn carts, since cars never made it to the Gili Islands.

– Too cool bars filled with tourists ready to party.

In short, it’s super beautiful, I promise you.

8. Bali

Even if we have already presented two points located in Bali, it must be said that the whole island is really worth the detour. From the bars on the beach of Seminyak, to the superb snorkeling spots of Amed, passing by the monkey forest of Ubud, you will have plenty to do in Bali, we promise! And if you can’t find anything to do, you can easily find traditional masseuses, it’s worth the detour.

9. Lombok

Lombok is Bali, but for the asocials. No tourists, not (too many) bars, just nature, waterfalls, volcanoes and beautiful beaches. If you want to see the more natural side of Indonesia, Lombok is the place to go, you can even find buffaloes. It’s buffaloes. And also traditional villages, if you are nice they will let you in and they will show you their fights with their homemade shields and swords, it’s even more impressive than wrestling, and you have to do it to dethrone Rey Mysterio.

10. Aceh

BIG MYTHO ALERT: I totally advise against it.

Control of the Aceh region has been taken by crazy extremists. Almost everything is forbidden there: Alcohol, gambling, adultery and homosexuality. And we’re not kidding because if you don’t follow these rules you can find yourself flogged in public or go straight to jail. Clearly the worst holiday activities.

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