Top 10 things to see and do in Sequoia National Park

Located in California, Sequoia National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in the United States. Known to house, logically, gigantic redwoods, it is not limited to trees, however, and acts as a real sanctuary. It has also been recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve. Well, that said, what do we do in Sequoia National Park?

1. Admire General Sherman

And here is the most massive tree in the world but also the most imposing living organism. Named in 1879 by naturalist James Wolverton after General William Tecumseh Sherman, this giant sequoia was born around 2200 years ago. Now, let’s talk about numbers: General Sherman measures 83.8 meters for 31.1 meters in circumference and 11.1 meters in diameter on the ground. Its widest branch has a diameter of 2.1 meters alone. So yes, this great gentleman alone deserves the trip.

2. Climb Moro Rock

To admire a panoramic view of the park as a whole, this is the ideal spot! So of course, it requires a minimum of effort because you still have to climb the 400 steps carved into the granite. But it’s worth it !

3. Admire General Grant

Standing 81.72 meters tall, the venerable General Grant measures 32.77 meters in circumference and 12 meters in diameter. It is estimated that he was born 1500 or 2000 years ago. It is, after General Sherman, the tallest tree in the world and also one of the oldest. It takes its name from General Ulysses S. Grant, the eighteenth President of the United States.

4. Walk through the hollowed-out redwood

This is one of the park’s most popular attractions: a giant sequoia dug like a tunnel across the road. The latter having fallen a long time ago. And as you can imagine, it was easier to dig it than to move it. You can even pass by car provided that it is not too high.

5. Visit the Crystal Cave

In Sequoia National Park, the show is also underground with the Crystal Cave. This karst and marble cave is one of the 240 cavities in the park. It’s the perfect place when it’s hot because down there, the temperature is constant all year round and therefore tops out at 9 degrees. Be careful because it is essential to book at the visitor center of Foothills or Lodgepole.

6. Go through Tunnel Rock

The Tunnel rock is located on the road leading to the park. It is found on the left as you go up. A small car park has been set up on the side of the roadway to allow visitors to walk under this huge rock. It is also possible to take a tiny steep dirt road to climb on the rock. At your peril. The game is worth the effort because from up there, the view is breathtaking.

7. Walk the Kings Canyon Scenic Byway

This scenic route is a must. It begins in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada and joins Roads End, along Highway 180. It is perfect for both visiting the National Sequoia Park, as it crosses it, but also the surroundings.

8. Stroll through Grant Grove Village

Located near the General Grant, this picturesque village is certainly a tourist attraction but it does not matter as long as things are well done. Composed of buildings that fit perfectly into the landscape, the Grant Grove Village allows you to rest and even do some shopping. Convenient when you hear camping in the park.

9. Cool off at Tokopah Falls

In Sequoia National Park, there are trees but also water. In this, the Tokopah Falls, waterfalls 370 meters high, are absolutely fantastic. Here, the water tumbles down a granite slope dating back to the Ice Age. It can only be reached on foot, after a 6.6 km hike from Highway 198. It is recommended to go there when the snow melts because the flow is much higher.

10. Reconnect with nature in the middle of the Crescent Meadow

Come on, we finish in the grass of the Crescent meadow, a crescent-shaped meadow surrounded by giant sequoias, where it is good to picnic or take a nap. Finally, no, forget the nap. The area is frequented by black bears. Sometimes you can even see it.

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