Top 10 things to see and do in Montenegro, a very pretty country

Guarantor of a tumultuous history, Montenegro is one of the smallest countries in the Balkans. Having successively belonged to the Ottoman Empire, integrated into the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, occupied by Italy and then attached to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, it became independent in 2006, even if at the time no one recognized this new status. Finally, Iceland led the way, followed by Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom and France. So much for the express lesson in history… In the meantime, Montenegro is super beautiful. You absolutely have to go…

1. Herceg-Novi

A superb fortified city located in the Bay of Kotor which is also classified by UNESCO. A city that is not only historic and beautiful but also very lively, with all the necessary restaurants and bars. Of course, you can also take advantage of the bay and its mild water to take a dip.

2. Tara Canyon

With its 82 km, this canyon is one of the most beautiful in the world. A natural wonder located in the Durmitor National Park, where you can indulge in rafting, canyoning and ziplining. It’s wild, green and refreshing!

3. Durmitor National Park

And as long as we’re there, we don’t limit ourselves to the Tara canyon and we take our mountain bike or our hiking boots to discover this marvelous national park. Here you can admire lakes, rocks and the highest peak in Montenegro, namely Bobotov Kuk, which rises to 2523 meters. Grand!

4. The Mausoleum of Njegos

At the crossroads of Mediterranean and continental influences, the Lovcent National Park offers rugged panoramas of great beauty. This is where we find the mausoleum of the former sovereign of the country. A monument installed in a chapel shaped in marble, perched at an altitude of 1675 meters. You can get there after climbing 461 steps to admire both the landscape and the golden interior of the mausoleum.

5. Sveti Stefan Island

Connected to the coast by a pink sand beach, this wonderful island was once a fortress where locals took refuge to escape invaders and pirates in the 1400s. The red-roofed constructions stand out against the blue ocean and that of the sky which as for them, merge nicely.

6. Perast

Another absolutely sublime city in Montenegro. Feet in the water, Perast is located very close to Kotor and offers breathtaking panoramas. A typical Montenegrin village, as picturesque as you can imagine!

7. The Blue Grotto

This cave takes its name from the color of the water, when sunlight reflects on it. An almost supernatural hue, which was enough to make this place a must in Montenegro. You can not only swim there but also go kayaking. The problem is that in the summer it is very crowded.

8. Sveti Nikola

Another island, uninhabited this time, except by animals. A very natural destination, in the land of deer. There is also a small church from the 16th century. It is called the Hawaii of Montenegro although it is impossible to find a beach there.

9. Kotor

Listed by UNESCO, the old town of Kotor is fascinating in more ways than one. You can walk there and enjoy the atmosphere, visit museums, walk the ramparts and stroll in the bay. Tourists particularly appreciate the Place d’Armes, the Saint-Tryphon Cathedral, the Bucha Palace and the Maritime Museum of Montenegro.

10. Ulcinj

A rather atypical city, at a crossroads. Located near the Albanian border, it was once under the control of the Ottoman Empire and was home to a notorious pirate hideout. Today, there are parties, a very popular nudist beach, Turkish baths, a clock tower and scuba diving spots.

Well, we know where to go!

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