Top 10 things to see and do in Iceland, the wonderland

Series Game Of Thrones did a good publicity job for Iceland, a country of many wonders. Land of fire and ice, but also of trolls, elves and vikings, Iceland fascinates. Including travel agencies that offer to visit the same things a little bit. It is therefore by trying to avoid the busiest sites, such as those of the Golden Circle (with the famous Geysir), that we have selected for you the best spots to help you plan your trip. It’s now or never and in addition, by doing a little, you can find flights that are not too expensive…

1. Admire the Northern Lights

The best time to see the Northern Lights is in winter, between October and March. The most affordable location is Reykjavik, or at least its outskirts, so the city lights don’t detract from the awesome spectacle. You can also go to the port of Borgarnes, north of Reykjavik. It is possible to inquire beforehand to know where and when the aurora will take place.

2. Visit Hvitserkur

It is said that this large rock where the birds go to nest and which can be reached at low tide, would be a troll petrified by the rays of the sun. Either way, it’s worth the trip.

3. Take a walk in Landmannalaugar

Located in the south of the country, near the Hekla volcano, this massif offers reddish-hued craters among which you can hike or simply stroll, with the lingering impression of being on another planet. You can even follow a lava flow before swimming in a natural pool where the water is around 40 degrees.

4. Slumming up in Grjótagjá

This is the cave where Jon Snow broke his oath with Ygritte. Located in the northeast of the territory, it provides access to the fault that marks the continental separation in plate tectonics between Europe and America. The water is very hot and it is therefore forbidden to swim there. Also worth seeing in the area is Lake Mývatn.

5. Take the cool at Vatnajökull

The second largest glacier in Europe. Part of the Vatnajökull National Park, this giant whose thickness can go up to 1000 meters covers several volcanoes. It is possible to hike there and enjoy several activities offered since the creation of the national park. We can also see it in season 2 of Game Of Thrones. It is also recommended to visit the ice caves of Skaftafell.

6. Stroll in Reykjavik

Capital on a human scale (just over 120,000 inhabitants), Reykjavik is not lacking in attractions. You can admire it in its entirety from the volcanic Mount Esja, enjoy the spectacular Icelandic opera and the incredible Hallgímur church (the most imposing in the country), but also drink the local beers, treat yourself to a cruise to watch whales, go shopping or taste the deliciously warm water of the Blue Lagoon Spa.

7. Admire Kirkjufell Mountain

Located on the Snaefellsnes peninsula, this spectacular mountain was also made famous by Game Of Thrones. It is indeed this one that Clegane points to in the episode of season 7 where he accompanies Jon Snow in search of a white walker. You can see at its summit the different layers of lava that have accumulated there over the centuries.

8. Have a festival

There are plenty to choose from. Among the most famous, the Secret Solstice offers concerts in dream locations, exploiting the beauty of the country and surfing on the trend by inviting some of the most recommendable artists. In 2018, it will be held from June 21 to 24 in Reyjavik. And if the poster is not yet known, we are sure that it will be heavy.

9. Taste the gastronomic specialties

Icelandic gastronomy is surprising. Inevitably, dishes like Svið (a boiled sheep’s head), will not please everyone. But at least the culinary change of scenery is guaranteed! And then there are also dishes that are a little less “hardcore” like Hjónabandssæla, a rhubarb cake. And if nothing hooks you, you can always go to McDo…

10. Go to the beach

There are several magnificent beaches in Iceland, such as Nautholsvik in Reykjavik, but also the grandiose Reynisfjara, which shines with its incredible basalt columns and black sand. To see absolutely, even if you are not going to swim (it must be said that the water is cold).

Don’t forget your hat and scarf, it’s cold around here!

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