Top 10 things to know in the event of a heat wave with a child, because it hits hard there

Well guys, you have to be lucid: it’s hot. But not just what, that’s why we talk about “heat wave”. You discover that you can sweat in totally improbable places, and that the air you breathe seems to be blown by a hair dryer at maximum power, in short, it’s a bit of anxiety. And if you, a dashing young human, don’t care a bit, know that for old people and children, all this heat can be downright deadly, in the truest sense of the word. That’s why there are two or three things to know, if you don’t want your kid to look like a merguez forgotten on the barbecue grill.

1. Make him drink

Because a child doesn’t necessarily ask when he’s thirsty, or sometimes he doesn’t even know he needs to drink. Offer mineral water every half hour, for the little ones as well as for the older ones.

2. Do not take it out during hot hours

It seems obvious said like that, but you should not take a baby or young child out during the hottest hours of the day, ie between 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. It is better to opt for the Mediterranean way of life, and take a nap in the cool when it is hot, to come out again when the sun and the heat start to decline.

3. For babies, no nappies on the stroller

This technique of putting a diaper on the top of the stroller so that the sun does not hit the pram is a false good idea, whether the fabric is thin or very thick, since the heat will be retained inside the stroller and that your baby will burn and melt like snow in the sun. Instead, we install a parasol which will do the job very well, and which will let the air circulate.

4. At night, we drop the pajamas

Do you yourself want to sleep in layers in this heat? No. Well, your baby is the same, a short-sleeved bodysuit is more than enough, or just a diaper if it’s really hot. No more needed!

5. We don’t leave him in the car, even for 1 minute

Not even 30 seconds, nothing at all. You should never, ever, ever, ever leave a baby alone in a car in direct sunlight, especially during a heat wave, because the damage caused by heat in the passenger compartment can be dramatic, even fatal.

6. No slide exposed to the sun

Because a toboggan in the sun burns the skin. The slippery iron ramp of a slide in the sun can reach a temperature of 150 degrees, which is not the coolest thing for the skin, eh, we are not going to hide it.

7. The fogger is your best friend

Because even living totally naked, the air can be so hot that it’s unbreathable. To cool the body temperature, nothing better than an atomizer (refillable eh, we think of polar bears), or at worst a wet diaper to dab on the body, it will do really good.

8. Knowing how to recognize “heatstroke”

There are certain unmistakable symptoms, especially in these hot weather, and which should alert you right away. If you notice that your baby has red skin, or a peak of fever, or that he is suffocating, do not hesitate and go to the emergency room.

9. Dehydration is faster in the little ones

If you notice that his production of sweat or urine decreases, that his pulse accelerates, you have to be careful, it could be the beginning of dehydration. Do not hesitate to give him rehydration solutions, the same ones you take during a gastro, so that he recovers mineral salts.

10. No swimming pool? A bath is great too

Yeah, the heat wave when you’re in town, it’s even more boring and painful. But just because you don’t have a swimming pool doesn’t mean you can’t cool off, and taking a bath several times a day to bring down the temperature can be a good solution. Not a cold bath eh, but a little lukewarm, it will do good.

Come on, it’s almost the end of the heat wave, finally, until the next what.

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