Top 10 things to know before going on holiday in a van

The van is awesome. We set sail with everything we need available, we sleep where we want, we wake up in the morning with a breathtaking view, we enjoy nature and the fresh air and we see the country while making friends everywhere. Well, that’s in theory. In practice, there may be some hassles in traveling by van. Even if, when you are well prepared, everything always goes better…

1. Better to travel light

Because well, if you directly embark 3 suitcases full to bursting to be able to change your outfit every day, it will quickly become complicated to find space. Better to travel light and wash your clothes regularly.

2. You have to watch your water consumption

We are no longer at home. Water flowing from the tap is very limited. If there is a tap, moreover, because very often, you have to manage your water consumption from cans. To drink but also to wash. So much for being efficient.

3. You will stink

Yes, and not just a little. Because what you don’t see, or rather feel, on Instagram, when influencers strike a pose in front of a mountain or near a superb beach, is that they reek of sweat. Because who says less water often says fewer showers. And then swallowing miles, it makes you sweat. Sleep in a van too while we’re there. A word of advice: if you can, leave your shoes outside at night. Plus, it might keep the bears away.

4. Forget hot water

Come on, then we move on but it’s still super important to say that when you live in a van for several days, you can give up on hot water. Except for his instant coffee or his tea of ​​course. But for the shower no need to count on it. At best the water is lukewarm.

5. Don’t expect a constant internet connection

When we move, we cannot permanently connect to the internet. If you find yourself in the middle of Lozère for example, you will have neither telephone nor wi-fi. Nothing. Old. Evening binge-watching on the smartphone or tablet will wait…

6. You will get fired

If traveling by van can help to make friends, it is also to be expected to be fired. Especially when looking to park for the night. For some people, people who tumble in a van on a parking lot for example, can mean that a teknival is going to go up and that they will not be able to sleep a wink for 3 days.

7. Make sure you know your vehicle

You don’t need to know how to change the timing belt, but it is on the other hand very useful to be able to replace a wheel, check the levels… That kind of stuff. Not bad to avoid being stranded in a lost corner… And as long as you’re there with the vehicle, be aware that the maintenance of a van, especially if you leave often, can ultimately be quite expensive.

8. Be orderly

It’s super crucial because it allows you to get organized without struggling. In a van, the smallest space counts and it is therefore advisable to store everything in its place in order to have quick access to it!

9. Bye bye intimacy

This is of course only valid when traveling with several people. In a van, we forget about privacy. No bathroom, no place to change or read a cushy book. We share everything. So of course, it is always possible to go out, but it is better to leave knowing that we will have to share a few square meters with someone.

10. We don’t eat very well either

Even if at the beginning, we say to ourselves that we are really going to make an effort to find the true values ​​of the terroir, we very often end up around a can of tuna in oil and a pasta dish, drawing directly in the pan because we know that if we use plates, we will then have to wash them.

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