Top 10 things to know about toilets on planes

The toilets are different in each country. But what about the plane? The toilets present in planes are nests of theories and stories that we all thought were more preposterous than the others. But that was before reading this top and realizing that reality sometimes rises well beyond fiction.

1. Passengers pooped in a box for a long time

Before the advent of the first portable toilets on planes in the 1940s, passengers and flight attendants had to content themselves with defecating in buckets or boxes, which ended up overflowing at the end of the flight. Not to mention the turbulence that regularly capsized all this reserve of natural fertilizer.

2. Frequent showers of frozen droppings

The question of toilet hygiene has quickly become a crucial point for civil aviation, with the focus on eliminating germs contained in stools. In association with the Anotec brand – the toilet duck of the time, the first toilets were created equipped with tanks that chemically treated in-flight waste. Problem, tank leaks were frequent letting the excrement escape which then squirted on the cabin of the aircraft, before freezing on contact with the air and falling, like shitty meteorites, a few thousand feet below. .

3. A passenger injured by the suction of the plane’s toilet

In July 2006, a passenger flushed the toilet while she was still seated on the throne. The suction trapped her on the toilet and it took the intervention of the flight attendants to free her. She came out of it with an open wound at the level of the vaginal lips…

Top 10 things to know about toilets on planes
Picture credits: Topito

4. Pneumatic suction designed to reduce the volume of water on board

Contrary to its name, the toilet flush in airplanes uses very little liquid, replacing it with an air suction system. Created in 1982, the latter makes it possible to limit the quantity of water to 2L per flush instead of the usual 10… ie 80% less weight to carry and as much kerosene saved.

5. During each flight, poo circulates at almost 210km/h under the feet of the passengers

This is the world suction record obtained on board an A380 aircraft. Your excrement is sucked in to be evacuated from the toilets to the tank located at the back of each device. The suction is thus calculated so that the poo does not get stuck halfway and create clogs that are difficult to unclog in flight.

6. Toilets in ever smaller planes

It’s not just legroom that has been reduced in airplanes for a few years, the space dedicated to toilets has also been reduced. To the point that the next models would no longer be suitable, neither for the disabled, nor for pregnant women, nor for passengers who would like to lock themselves in there for two…

Top 10 things to know about toilets on planes
Picture credits: Topito

7. Toilets soon guaranteed to be bacteria-free

It’s certainly not the dirtiest place on a plane, but the toilets remain a breeding ground for bacteria. To the point of mobilizing engineers from Boeing who imagined a blue light cleaning system that would activate after each use.

8. 100% automated airplane toilets

To prevent passengers from touching anything in aircraft toilets, Boeing again would work on automating tasks such as automatic flushing, distributing soap or water for washing hands. As for knowing what they are going to imagine to allow you to wipe yourself without having to lift a finger… Why not Japanese-style toilets?

9. No, toilets are not mandatory on planes

No rule, except that of meeting passenger expectations, obliges airlines to equip their planes with lavatories. It can thus happen that the toilets are condemned on flights without the pilot being obliged to take a pee break en route. Conversely, in January 2018, a flight between Oslo and Munich with 70 plumbers on board left to attend a seminar, had to turn around following a clogged toilet problem!

10. Business class toilets that make the difference?

On most aircraft, business class toilets are identical in size to those used by other passengers. The differences are in the lotions, soaps available and especially in the fact that these toilets are much less frequented than those located in economy class. The probability of finding a big disgusting person is therefore logically lower. An appreciable luxury when traveling on long-haul flights.

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