Top 10 things to know about Osea Island, an island like no other

Under the spotlight since the broadcast of the series The Third Day, the island of Osea has not finished attracting the curious in search of new experiences. Because the island located in the middle of the estuary of the Blackwater River, in the east of England, is definitely unlike any other.

1. The island is only accessible by car twice a day at low tide

It is better to calculate your blow well when you decide to join the island of Osea by road. Only a 2.5 km long road, built by the Romans (and slightly patched up since) allows you to get there by car at low tide. The rest of the time, this single channel is submerged by water (up to 3m under water) and further isolates the people present on the island. Note that a taxi-boat is still present to make the shuttle if necessary, but impossible to embark a vehicle there.

2. One of the first owners of the island is believed to have been Jack the Ripper

At the beginning of the 20th century, the island was bought by a certain Frederick Nicholas Charrington, heir to a family of brewers, who decided to transform Osea into a place of retirement for alcoholic patients. Several clues lead some observers to imagine him having other hobbies, such as enjoying butchering prostitutes around London. In addition to having been a contemporary of the serial killer (like millions of people, of course), Charrington was a fervent religious who preached regularly to denounce vices such as sex and alcohol. Ok, that’s pretty sparse evidence, but conspirators rarely need much more to imagine even higher scenarios.

3. Amy Winehouse did rehab there (no, no, no)

“They tried to make me go to rehab – I said no, no, no” Contrary to what Amy Winehouse claimed in her 2006 hit, the singer was a regular at rehab stays to fight her multiple addictions. She would thus have stayed somewhere between 2005 and 2010 in the rehabilitation center specializing in addictions, created on the island by the music producer Nigel Frieda, who had the brilliant idea of ​​​​creating a recording studio right next to the center. treatment for drug addicts and alcoholics. Not dumb!

4. Rihanna recorded her next album on the island

In 2010, the rehab center was officially closed by the British health services for non-compliance with health standards. A note mentioned that the place was not even worthy of a third world establishment. No problem. The owner then took the opportunity to extend his recording studio and to accommodate in VIP conditions, up to a hundred members of the artists’ staff. The studio has since welcomed some big names in pop, such as George Ezra or Rihanna who would have spent several weeks there in 2019 to work on her future album, since delayed by the health crisis.

5. Osea Hosted Pop Star Auditions

In 2012, the English version of the show which revealed the quadricolors, Amel Bent and Chimène Badi, to the world, took advantage of the isolation of the island of Osea to organize its auditions. Perfect for letting contestants slay Mariah Carey without pissing off the neighbors.

6. Osea Island is famous for its big chugs

The rare rental properties on the island regularly welcome revelers who come to bury their celibacy and wake up the neighbors in passing. On the other hand, no orgies of villagers around the fire on the program, there is no permanent inhabitant on the island, apart from Rihanna, but that does not count, and the few people responsible for taking care of the house maintenance.

7. Osea hid a secret military base during the First World War

In 1913, the island saw the flight of one of the first models of seaplane in history which was then used during the First World War. The island was also requisitioned by the British army to hide a naval base there from which small boats equipped with a torpedo left. Basic, but effective! During this period, more than 2000 sailors stayed on the island, living in makeshift buildings which were dismantled at the same time as their demobilization.

8. Osea is private property but open to everyone

When music producer Nigel Frieda decided to buy the island for 6 million pounds in 2000, he made it the first private property where the main rule was that there was none! The idea that everyone can do what they want there has persisted until today and gives the island its “bubble isolated from the rest of the world” side.

9. Well that’s all nice but to be honest, we get used to it a little bit!

Boredom has become a selling concept for those who need to cut themselves off from the frenzy of their daily lives. That’s good, since apart from walks on the 1.5km² of the island, there is not much to do here. It is therefore better to be well accompanied, because it is always more fun to be pissed off with several people.

10. Living on the island costs an arm and a leg

Rental stays start at around 500 euros on weekends. As for living there all year round, the task promises to be difficult. Starting with the price for accommodation. The success of The Third Day series and the desire to escape the crowds linked to the health crisis have caused cottage prices to explode (+6% over 1 year). Once there, you still have to manage to fill the fridge. Without trade worthy of the name on the island, the business seems complicated. Especially since the latest news, Uber Eats does not deliver in the region!