Top 10 things to know about Montessori pedagogy, the controversial method

When you raise children, you hear about all the techniques of education and development for your child. But sometimes it’s hard to figure it out. A pedagogy stands out and has been talked about for many years: the Montessori method.

1. Montessori is not just a pedagogy, it is also a philosophy

To practice a Montessori pedagogy is to place oneself as an adult educator in front of a child, and to bring him a reflection on his social question. It also means freeing ourselves from the shackles of our own education based on punishments and rewards, and letting the child develop naturally, whether physiologically or psychologically, because “educating is not training”.

2. Document yourself

We don’t apply Montessori pedagogy like that, blindly. There are many works, including “The Child”, “The Formation of Man” or “The Stages of Education” which can guide you, orient you and help you to immerse yourself in the thought of Maria Montessori. .

3. Autonomy and self-confidence

This is what Montessori pedagogy would allow for children, in addition to letting them develop at their own pace. Some find this education too permissive, but it nevertheless leaves room for the child’s self-discipline, since the latter is invited to spot his mistakes. The goal is not to be right or wrong in an activity, but to do everything to improve in it.

4. National Education refuses to validate this pedagogy

Many Montessorian schools have opened their doors around the world, but very few in France. These are only schools outside the contract and not validated by the State, forcing them to develop on the fringes of the National Education system. The fact that Montessorian students can choose their own activities and the time they want to spend on them does not really please the National Education, which has a lot of trouble thinking outside the box.

5. Respect for the rhythm of the child

Avoid sticking a label such as “you are slow” or conversely “you are fast” to a child, who will immediately be categorized. Letting him develop without pressure and with respect is to guarantee him real concentration in what he is doing, an essential point of Montessori pedagogy.

6. Teach him to “do it alone”

That is to say, arrange his room and your house so that he can manage in a suitable environment. His room must be organized, with an area for sleeping, activity, reading, changing… We avoid the bed with a bar and we favor the mattress on the floor, so that the child can be free to get up or get up. sleep alone.

Top 10 things to know about montessori pedagogy, the controversial method

7. Organize your home

As for his room, the child must be able to participate in the life of the house. To do this, each room must be furnished with things at its height, such as a small coat rack in the entrance, with its shoebox, a step in the bathroom so that it can wash its hands. , baskets of games in the living rooms, etc. Your home is no longer just yours, it is also his, and should also be adapted to him.

8. A school like no other

The lessons are divided into 3 classes, from the age of 3 to 12 years old. Many Montessorian schools are bilingual, and offer the same subjects as those taught in “classic” schools. Simply, the child is free to become more eagerly interested in one activity in particular, and will be guided by the educator to become interested in others. What matters is the desire to discover.

9. Montessori materials

To apply the Montessori pedagogy, you have to equip yourself a little. You need material for practical life, language, science, art. Everything must be really adapted to the child to promote his development. Many shops offer Montessori materials, toys in particular.

10. Books for children really have to correspond to them.

The latter must be able to identify with the characters, visualize and understand the drawings, images or photos presented, and above all, he must learn something. Books with talking animals, for example, are not particularly recommended, since they are not realistic at all.

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