Top 10 things to know about Everest, it’s beautiful but it’s high

Highest mountain in the world (well, not really in fact), Everest fascinates and frightens. It’s kind of the ultimate challenge. The Holy Grail of all mountaineers. Located in the Himalayan range, on the border between Nepal and China, it has seen more than 14,000 people go there to try to reach its summit since the 1920s.

1. It’s not the highest peak in the world

We will start by making things clear: we find higher than Everest. In Hawaii, the Mauna Kea volcano measures 10.2 km. The thing is that only 4205 meters are visible. The rest being submerged. Everest is the highest mountain on the planet, when counting from sea level.

2. It’s the highest landfill in the world

There, on the other hand, no worries: no mountain is as polluted as Everest. Because those who undertake to climb it throw a lot of rubbish, that they mostly leave their empty oxygen bottles on the spot and that they defecate where they are, Everest is good disgusting. However, in recent years, several expeditions have been organized (The Eco Everest Expedition) to collect all this garbage. Artists then recycled them by creating 75 works of art, within the Everest 8848 Art Project to show how people can sometimes behave like slobs.

3. There are spiders there

Despite the cold and the altitude, Everest is stuffed with spiders. They are called Euophrys omnisuperstes or jumping spiders. Which is not very reassuring. Small critters that live year-round in extreme conditions, at more than 6000 meters. They are also the highest permanent residents of the planet.

4. A Sherpa broke the record for the fastest ascent

In the best case, if the conditions are right and the climbers are in good physical shape, it takes 3 or 4 days to reach the summit of Everest. However, in 2004, a Sherpa named Pemba Dorje managed to climb the mountain in 8 hours and 10 minutes. Since then, many have tried to beat this amazing record and no one has succeeded.

5. Two other Sherpas have 21 climbs to their name

Apa Sherpa and Phurba Tashi have therefore climbed the mountain 21 times. The second has also made 3 ascents in the year 2007 alone. Balèze.

6. There are also plenty of corpses

Tragically, as more and more people attempt to climb Everest, some never come back. So often, the bodies of the unfortunate people who perished more or less far from the summit are left behind. It is therefore not uncommon to have to step over frozen corpses in what is called the death zone. To dissuade the less experienced from giving it a try, Nepal has imposed a fee, but Everest is still teeming with people at certain times of the year. Sometimes more than 200 climbers line up before the summit. Despite the 18,000 € which must be paid to have access to it.

7. Everest is an old lady

It is estimated that the Himalayan range and therefore Everest were formed 60 million years ago. However, marine fossils, dating back some 450 million years, have been found on the mountain, proving that it was once under the waves.

8. Everest keeps growing

Resulting from the meeting between the Indian plate and the Asian continent, the Himalayas continue to grow as the plates are always in motion. It is estimated that Everest takes 4 millimeters more every year. What fuel the debate that continues to divide the Nepalese and the Chinese about the true height of Everest. When the first affirm that the summit is at 8848 meters, the second are certain that in fact, it culminates at 8844 meters.

9. You can ski there

Needless to say, skiing on Everest is a bit crazy. But it is possible. For experienced skiers only…

10. This is a sacred place

The Sherpas who live at the foot of the mountain and who accompany the expeditions each time engage in a ceremony in order to have permission to set foot on the sacred ground of Everest. A mountain which they believe houses the spirit of the Mother Goddess of the World. All mountaineers who are preparing to climb Everest must comply with tradition.

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