Top 10 things to do to make your relationship work, according to the most serious studies

Even if there are lots of different couples, this activity in pairs sometimes requires a little work (sometimes not at all, it spends if you, your guy or your girl are boloss or not). Fortunately, a lot of studies have been carried out on the question to give you a bit of a job. We’ve found 10 that give you some tips on how to make your relationship work, no matter what. Afterwards, in view of these studies, do we really want our couple to walk in these conditions? I do not believe.

1. Sexter as much as possible

The agreement in a couple goes largely through the ass. And according to a study, the couples who sext the most are the ones who are the most satisfied in bed. So you know what you have to do: change your plan and start exchanging naughty content with your significant other. (Source)

But otherwise you can also do as you feel like because not everyone wants to spend their life making the splotch (yes that’s my onomatopic way of talking about sex).

2. Avoid cleaning (when you’re a guy)


Eh yes. There would be 50% more divorces when the man actively participates in household chores, this is what emerges from a Norwegian study on which we shit with all our soul.

3. Being teubé (when you are a woman)

According to a study, men are not very fond of smart women. Guess they feel a little threatened, so they prefer dating girls whose IQ is lower than theirs. Awesome isn’t it? That’s why I think it’s best to become a lesbian in order to live among intelligent and happy people. (Source)

Top 10 things to do to make your relationship work, according to the most serious studies

4. And also have a shitty job (always when you’re a woman)

As with intelligence, men feel threatened by their partner’s professional success. A stupid reflex of an alpha male who is afraid of being castrated. It’s ridiculous but that’s how it is, we can’t help it. So ladies, if not stupid, try not to be too talented. THAAAAAAANKS. (Source)

5. Being tall (when you’re a guy)

If men prefer women who are less intelligent than them, women prefer tall men. It is indeed more difficult for the little guys to find a shoe that suits them. It’s cruel but that’s the way it is. (Source)

6. Have a wedding on the cheap

According to this study, the more expensive marriage is, the higher the chances of divorce. Our advice: do a little thing at Domac with some friends and manage to find a ring in a Kinder Surprise.

Top 10 things to do to make your relationship work, according to the most serious studies

7. Meeting your other half online

We might have thought the opposite (because we love to roll around in prejudices) but it seems that the couples born on the Internet are stronger than the others and are on the whole much more satisfied than the old school people who meet in bars or in parties, these big boloss. (Source)

PS: on the other hand, according to a study of myself, to speak of “one’s other half” would constitute a cause for premature divorce.

8. But be careful not to use social networks too much

According to this Boston University study, social networks are frustrating and weaken couples. The more a member of the couple uses them, the more unhappy he is. To live happily, live disconnected.

9. Watch movies together

It shouldn’t be too complicated to do, and a priori it’s not really binding unless you don’t have the same tastes as your partner, which can happen. The idea is that watching films together and debriefing them would allow you to get to know each other better. It makes sense, but that’s no reason to watch romantic comedies every night, we agree. (Source)

10. Do activities that we enjoy respectively, but not necessarily together

Basically, it’s better to do something that you both like than to do something together that one partner hates. A study that pleases everyone.

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