Top 10 things to do in Annecy, jewel of Savoy

Hello suckers. I just came back from Annecy where I braved the heat wave between two air-conditioned stores and improvised squatting on the set of the series fear on the lake (to be discovered soon on TF1, virus, Sylvie Testud in colonel’s outfit, tanks and anti-bacterial suits guaranteed) on the Semnoz massif. So just to make the most of my experience, nothing beats sharing with you the list of the most morally fulfilling activities to do on site.

1. Cycle around the lake

Yes, because oddly enough, the best way to enjoy Annecy is still… to leave. The old town is charming but we quickly made the rounds. It is even better to take a step back and take advantage of the cycle path along the lake. 42 terminals, it can be done in two or three hours without any problem and you can make a few stopovers for swimming in quiet corners far from the equipped beaches of the city center which smell a little too much of sunscreen.

2. Ditch everything and rent a boat without a license at 37e per half hour

BALEK GUYS WE ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE. Admittedly, the boat trip is expensive, but the joy it gives is worth the detour. Cozy in the middle of the lake, you bathe while enjoying the mountains and the freshness of the water. A simple joystick allows you to drive the boat. Even with a quarter brain you should be fine.

3. Lay down all your moral principles and go waterskiing or paddle boarding

This is the top level for those who have a slightly more blindax portfolio. That said, there’s nothing like taking advantage of the water activities available to savor the beauty of the lake, so while you’re at it, go for it. At least there are no waves, you should be able to last more than 12 seconds on the skis.

4. Take mini hikes on the shores of the lake

Small paths crisscross the surroundings of the lake, you can do them in 1 to 2 hours, it’s not too hard for the guibolles and it allows you to have another point of view on the lake with a little more height.

5. Or real hikes for seasoned calves

Mont-Baron, Mont-Veyrier, the summit of Semnoz, the Gorges du Fier… There is no shortage of hikes in the region. However, note that these preferably require a car to get there, otherwise you have to add a lot of extra hours to the hike.

6. Stroll the alleys of the old town

Bah because even if we make a top on Annecy it is that we like Annecy. Well then I concede it to you, when you move from the old town it loses a bit of cachet. But there’s nothing like a stroll on the canals along the Thiou canal to enjoy the Palais de l’Isle, which has been standing there since the 12th century.

7. Picnic on the Pâquier

A sort of local “champ de Mars”, this beautiful green esplanade overlooking the lake offers a divine breath of fresh air to Annecy residents. Its name “Pâquier” even comes from the local patois “grazing” because the cattle used to graze there. Now it is the pre-pubescent teenagers who have replaced the biquettes but they have an equivalent passion for grass.

8. Flipping the fingers from your pedal boat to the multi-billionaires who have acres of land overlooking the lake

Because around Annecy, there are big fat guys in bar and big fat guys who buy properties of several hectares with barriers and because of them we can’t go swimming in peace well that gives cravings for extreme rebellions. And to rebel, nothing like the pedal boat.

9. Take to the skies with a paragliding ride

If you have a hundred euros in your purse, it’s an opportunity to spend 20 rather nice minutes in the Savoyard skies for a paragliding baptism. The start can be in Talloires or on the Col de la Forclaz and people seem quite happy when they land.

10. Eating Dirty and Greasy Stuff

It’s not because we are in Annecy and the restaurants all cost a blind that we will let ourselves down. Here we are in Savoie and what is Savoie? It’s Reblochon, Tome, sauciflard, fondue, tartiflette, terrines and a whole host of unorthodox foods that we would love to see flow through our veins.

Go hurry to find the best Airbnb in Annecy.

And don’t be fooled by the only downright gerbos photo of the city on its Wikipedia page. Annecy is better than that, I promise.

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