Top 10 things that will be illegal in 100 years, well surely

Come on, let’s get started in anticipation. It’s not always easy to imagine the world as it will be in 100 years, but we can at least try to imagine what will be forbidden in this world. Overall, it’s pretty logical stuff when you see the evolution of technologies, pollution or demography. Place your bets, we bet on this:

1. Driving a car without autopilot

In 100 years, we will have arrived at artificial intelligences so well done that it will become more dangerous to let a human drive rather than the machine. As a result, old cars with a steering wheel will be banned from circulation, that’s for sure.

Top 10 things that will be illegal in 100 years

2. Pay for stuff in cash

Cash, for governments, is a bit boring because it prevents citizens’ purchases from being traced and allows an underground economy. So we’re not saying that we’ll live in a dystopia where we won’t have any freedom in 100 years, but it’s more than likely that we won’t have any more notes or small coins in our wallets. Besides, will we still have wallets all of a sudden?

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3. Deforestation

Today, most countries are having a blast decimating all the forests on the planet, starting with the Amazon, but when there are only 12 hectares of forest left in the world, guys will think maybe – finally be to ban all that. We still hope that it will happen sooner.

1658840658 146 Top 10 things that will be illegal in 100 years

4. Use fossil fuels

We’ve been digging deep into coal and oil for two centuries, and we’ve already realized for several decades that it’s going to seriously disrupt the climate. At some point, if we’re not too dumb, we’ll ban all that and go 100% renewable. If we’re not too dumb.

1658840659 989 Top 10 things that will be illegal in 100 years

5. Smoking

Smoking kills around 7 million people a year worldwide. It’s a bit like a big pandemic hitting us every year. Except that smoking can be prevented. And it should eventually happen.

1658840660 789 Top 10 things that will be illegal in 100 years

6. Make more than one or two kids

According to the United Nations, we should be around 11.2 billion on Earth in 2100. And since we have no predator above us to regulate our population, we will have to end up doing it ourselves sometime. of these four. Unless we all become sterile like in The Sons of Man.

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7. Not sorting

We can already get a fine today if we don’t respect that, but most of the time no one comes to check our trash cans. Except that in 100 years, it’s our garbage cans themselves that will swing us at the cops because we put the bottle of beer in the cardboard garbage can.

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8. Insult his coffee maker

The thing will have become so intelligent that it will be considered a sentient being and that we will no longer be able to yell at it when it misses our espresso.

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9. Cheating on your boyfriend/girlfriend with a robot

When sex robots look like humans, sleeping with one of them will legally be the same as having sex with your colleague in seminary. How much do we bet?

1658840661 580 Top 10 things that will be illegal in 100 years

10. Toilet paper

Come on, we all come back to the bidet or we go to the Japanese toilet. Don’t worry, we get used to it quickly.

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11. Be anti-bot

If anything, not liking robots will be the new racism of the 22nd century. However, when you see the face of the monsters of Boston Dynamics, it’s hard to like them.

12. Disobey our Great World Emperor who will be an Artificial Intelligence

You never know, maybe it will have gone wrong the world in 100 years.

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