Top 10 Things That Were Shocking Before That Are Normal Now

We humans are easily shocked by a lot of stuff, but experience shows that we get used to everything. Well, okay, maybe not everything, like not grandmas who want to wipe stains off our cheeks with their saliva (seriously, why do they do that?), but a lot of things anyway. The proof with this list of things that were difficult to assume in the past and which today are an integral part of our lives. And no, we’re not going to talk about wearing masks in the street, because you have to change records after a while.

1. Tattoos and piercings

At one time, in Europe, the only ones who wore tattoos were sailors. Not so long ago, tattooed people were very marginal people who often had trouble finding work if they didn’t cover their grounds. Today, having a tattoo has become commonplace, even mainstream in the eyes of some, and, when you don’t have one, you can sometimes be the only one in the group with virgin skin. Maybe one day, what will become shocking is never having been inked.

2. Hairy Women

Not so long ago, a woman couldn’t grow out her armpits or legs without coming off as a slovenly eccentric who let herself go. Just because we thought a woman had to wax to be a real woman. Today, we are just beginning to understand that we had been fooled by our own society and that it is absurd to see a difference between girl’s hair and guy’s hair. Suddenly, meeting hairy women has become normal. Except in the eyes of a few diehards who find it difficult to accept that the world is changing. But hey, they…

Top 10 things that were shocking before that are normal now
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3. Pay a phone 1000 bucks

When Apple started launching more and more expensive smartphones, everyone thought it was absurd to spend more than 500 dollars for a phone. Now, 500 balls is the average, and we have people who can drop the equivalent of a minimum wage in an iPhone without anyone finding anything to complain about. However, even if we don’t want to play big reactions, we say to ourselves that it’s still a little shocking.

4. Not accepting checks

Before (like 15 years ago again), paying with checks was cool, it was practical. Not having a checkbook was a bit of a loser. A store that refused checks, even though they were super easy to cash, it was very strange, even boring. But after years of blank cheques, all merchants realized that credit cards and cash were much safer. Now, it becomes complicated to refourguer his checks in store, and it is necessary to leave one or two pieces of identity if one does not want to pass for a thief. At the same time, you have to stop paying by check, what, it’s super long and it pisses everyone off.

Top 10 things that were shocking before that are normal now
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5. Find love through the internet

Picking up on the web already existed in the 2000s, but it was super weird, even taboo. If someone said they found love on Meetic, they were going to be the center of the discussion for the next 30 minutes. At least. Ten years later, if you announce that you have found your partner on Tinder, you will hardly be asked: ” Oh yeah ? » out of sheer politeness.

6. Give everyone on the internet their true identity

If you were born in the late 90s, you may not have known that period when we all started using the Internet and where we were totally freaked out at the idea of ​​having our personal information stolen. We all used nicknames, and giving our full name like we do on Facebook would have been unthinkable. Now, it’s just if we don’t give our credit card numbers to anyone, and we seem to be living it well.

7. Ride quietly in the car of strangers

We have always been taught not to get into a car with strangers, and if hitchhiking has been around for a long time, the followers were relatively few, and above all quite courageous. For the past few years, however, with apps like Blablacar, we are no longer afraid at all of taking a ride in the car of someone we don’t know, neither Eve, nor Adam, nor whoever. whatever else. We just think that as long as he doesn’t get too bad a rating on the app, it’s okay, while his hobby might be shooting dogs, we don’t know anything at all.

8. Wacky Hair Colors

In the not too distant past, if we saw someone walking around with green, red, blue or purple hair, we paused, stared at them and laughed inside. Today, we just don’t care. There are only old people left to exclaim: “Oh well then tell him, he confused his shampoo with a tube of gouache!!! » or something like that. Yeah, the old ones, in terms of humor, they’re a bit outdated.

9. A computer with a terabyte memory

In the early 90s, if you wanted 1GB of memory on your hard drive, you had to pay tens of thousands of dollars, it was a crazy luxury. And when we talked with our friends about NASA computers that could have 1TB, we went completely crazy. CRAZY yes. Now, any laptop can have a hard drive with 1TB of storage, and we don’t even realize how lucky we are.

10. Not wearing a bra

The bra is a bit like hair: we should be able to wear it or not, depending on our mood. In 2020 no-bra is clearly more and more widespread, but it remains a right to defend as we can see with the recent controversies around the famous “republican outfit”.

Top 10 things that were shocking before that are normal now

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