Top 10 things that went wrong and that’s good, failures that feel good

As a person I just made up said, “Success in life is good, but sometimes failing when you had a shitty idea at the start is not bad either”. It’s a real life lesson that happens to be verified when we take a look at all those things that almost changed our existence in the wrong direction but which, fortunately, failed badly.

The Metaverse

The metaverse was supposed to be our new virtual world, the one where we would all live in harmony and explore infinite universes… but it fell apart. Why ? Because we all realized that it was cheum and that in addition we still had to let go of fortunes to pay for avatars, houses and services, and that in the end it was still a created world only for the wealthy. If it’s to reproduce what was already rotten in reality, it’s not worth it.

Google Glasses

Google Glasses were supposed to be the next technological revolution, but they flopped. Not because people found themselves walking through walls trying to read their WhatsApp messages, not because they were the butt of jeers for looking shitty, and not because dogs stared at them. a puzzled look in the street. No, we simply understood that filming one’s life in its entirety could lead to a lot of problems with image rights and the right to privacy. We avoided a pretty little dystopia, in short.

The hoverboard

Imitating Marty McFly on his hoverboard was the futuristic dream of all 80s kids. to see the horror it was to become disillusioned. The ridiculous machine was therefore adopted only by kids of the 2000s who, if we had a little luck, shamefully broke their faces on the asphalt before our eyes. Even the scooter is better than this thing.

Zemmour’s campaign for the presidential elections

The dude played on the people’s racist string for months, and it almost worked. But if he rose very high in the polls, it was before falling very low. Like some kind of yoyo, but a mean yoyo that never comes back up. We still escaped a fucking nightmare.

The invasion of the Capitol by Trump supporters

Imagine, if it had worked: Trump would have become a dictator and no one in the United States could ever say anything bad about him. But how screwed up, we all realized once again that this guy was a sick man ready to do anything to stay in power. Finally, “all”, no. He still has a good shovelful of supporters who obviously don’t give a damn about the concept of democracy.

The invasion of Ukraine

Well, I’m not going to go too far because the story isn’t over yet, but a priori Putin got it wrong in believing that he was going to succeed in annexing Ukraine. The Russians have sunk into an impossible quagmire, and so far they have lost far more than gained. Is it good for their face? Mmmmmmmmm yes of course.

The relationship with my ex

The girl was farting too many dishes against the walls trying to reach my face so it was starting to make a big plate budget. It’s not so bad to have put a few hundred kilometers between us.

Top 10 things that went wrong and thats good failures

Vanilla Coke

Imagine, if this taste had met with great success and had ended up imposing itself in our daily lives? It would have been awful. Personally, I should have cut some of my friends out of my life because they would have liked this horror. Maybe I would even report them to the police. I would rather limit them to smoking crack.

Christine Boutin’s book

With only 38 copies sold in 5 years, the book What is the Christian Democratic Party? by Christine Boutin has done what is called a monumental flop. But isn’t this the sign of a France that is doing well? Isn’t a France that doesn’t care about Christine Boutin a happy France? This is personally what I believe in.

This top

If this top had been a hit, everyone would have started adoring me, the media would have hounded me to answer their questions, fans would have tracked down my address and broken into my house, and one of between them would even have killed me out of love… really lazy.

On the other hand, I regret the failure of the jumping ball as a means of urban transport.

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