Top 10 things that we will eventually realize are bad

Fashions and customs come and go, then sometimes you realize that in the end some things that a lot of people were doing or using were not at all secure. Result of the races: it poses health problems. The dumpling. On a Reddit forum, users wondered what were going to be the next products or practices on which we would say “by the way guys that’s really bad in fact”, a bit like cigarettes when we realized that it was not as good as the pubs would have us believe.

1. Social networks

Well, it’s the one that comes out quite directly in the forum, and at the same time already today we see certain excesses of the cult of personality or the race for the like. In terms of psychology, how will it make people evolve and especially the younger generations? We should have some answers quickly but without wanting to be pessimistic we imagine that it will not be only positive. It could be some of the much more dangerous stuff than it looks.

Top 10 things that we will eventually realize are bad

2. Sports conditioning products

Some preparations for the “work-out” that help to gain mass, muscle or suppress hunger do not necessarily give their full composition. While most of it is said to be protein, there are a few things that could clearly be bad, like certain chemicals also found in energy drinks. But at the same time afterwards, you’re still really tough, and that’s class.

Top 10 things that we will eventually realize are bad

3. The very academic system in place for the education of children

We often hit on national education and teaching methods, which is easy from where we are, but we must admit that in other parts of the world, different visions of education are proving their worth. . For us, the system of scoring and competition between children can be a problem, as well as the reduction of playful teaching through play among the youngest. In Scandinavia, certain methods such as empathy courses could be the source of well-being at work found among adults in these countries.

4. Lack of sleep

If we already know a lot about the negative effects of lack of sleep, many studies continue to be carried out in order to know on which part of the body and psyche acts the fact of having short nights. In the era of scrolling on the smartphone in bed and streaming, we think that reducing sleep time and exposure to screens could really fuck our brains. Are we talking about people who got up at 4 a.m. sacrificing their sleep to watch GOT episodes and not take spoilers? Not to mention those who work until the middle of the night, knowing that work is bad for your health.

Top 10 things that we will eventually realize are bad

5. Electronic cigarettes

Well, we’re not going to lie to each other, there’s little chance that it’s good for the body and we don’t know at all the long-term effects on the products. Tossing water vapor into the lungs may not yield positive results, at least not more so than not doing so. It remains to be seen in a few years if it is the same or less worse than the real cigarette.

6. Tablets and smartphones on children

Many young parents are tempted to leave to hand over the use of tablets and smartphones to their children. We already know that this can play on the imagination of the youngest who no longer want (no longer know) necessarily to play with “physical” toys, but we are beginning to see certain serious risks develop: behavior, concentration, isolation, reduction of field of vision, sedentary lifestyle… In short, it is likely that we should leave these objects aside in the youngest years of the children for their good and that does not seem logical for everyone.

Top 10 things that we will eventually realize are bad

7. Blue light from LED lights

You may have noticed the presence for two or three years of a “blue light filter” setting on your smartphones. This is not insignificant because we already know that this type of lighting acts on the circadian rhythms of wakefulness and sleep. Since this light is present in natural sunlight, it’s as if your body thinks it’s still day when it’s already time to sleep and put that phone aside. If we already see with a few years of hindsight what this causes, there is no doubt that over a longer period it cannot be good.

8. The ubiquity of sugar and growing obesity

Well, we already know that sugar is bad in large quantities for our body and that the number of cases of obesity is growing in the United States since 39.8% of Americans are on the obesity curve. The figures continue to get worse and we can think that with the presence of sugar in more and more products will not help things (we even find it in brick soups, that is to say). The documentary Sugarland hints at how ubiquitous sugar is around us and it’s scary if that doesn’t change.

9. Wireless headphones

Already in terms of risk of deafness it is not a good thing to have the earphones in the ears for a long time but it is especially the bluetooth waves which surround the brain which could cause problem. If today the specialists say that the risk is lower with limited use because the waves are less powerful than those sent by a smartphone, we are still entitled to remain skeptical. And then we are also entitled to find the Bluetooth really practical so let’s take advantage while waiting to see how much it irradiates the ENT conduit.

10. Ultra-processed foods

Once again, many current opinions prove that these types of foods are harmful to humans, but their long-term use is still unclear. We are not talking here only of sodas or fast foods, but of frozen, canned or prepared products in which high doses of sugar, salt, oil and additives of all kinds are added which, eaten often can get really bad. It is quite easy to imagine that in the long term it is not good results that will happen. Then there are also healthy foods that can be bad for your health.

Well, some of these points may seem obvious to some, but most remain fairly recent in our society and their repercussions over twenty years could show poor results. When in doubt, do it in moderation, we will have more peace of mind.

Source: Reddit.

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