Top 10 things that surprise you when you go to Switzerland for the first time

Chocolate, watches, luxury, neutrality, well-filled bank accounts, Switzerland is popular for all kinds of things. A country that exudes something unique and attracts many tourists. We can all find our account in Switzerland (note the pun, even if taxation is one of the very weird things in Switzerland). You just need to know where you are stepping to avoid unpleasant surprises…

1. It’s clean

If there is a country where cleanliness is taken seriously, it is Switzerland. There, throwing a piece of paper in the street can be worth a nice fine. Normal when one of the first things that mark when you cross the border is this feeling of cleanliness. In cities and of course in nature, which is respected much more than in some other places.

2. It’s expensive

High wages = high cost of living. Which can be problematic for a tourist. You must therefore plan for a substantial budget. Especially if you want to multiply the activities. Almost everything is more expensive. Housing, clothing, restaurants… Everything! Even the Big Mac costs a blind compared to other countries.

3. Speed ​​limits are lower than in France

In town it’s the same, 50km/hour. On the road, however, it’s 80 and on the highway, a little 120. It’s not worse at the bottom. It is also amusing to note that the colors of the panels are reversed compared to ours. On the highway they are green and on the roads, blue!

4. The Swiss speak several languages

It’s a bit complicated because there are 4 official languages ​​in Switzerland: French, German, Italian and Romansh. It all depends on what region you are in. Note that it is German that wins the prize with 64% of Swiss citizens who speak it. Under these conditions of course, many people are bilingual, even trilingual (and we do not speak of the various dialects).

5. It’s still super beautiful

Switzerland is superb. Hello scoop! That said, when you go there, it’s hard not to be surprised by the majesty of the mountains, lakes and valleys, as verdant as possible. A generous nature that surrounds equally harmonious cities, which also contribute to making Switzerland one of the most beautiful countries in the world. And we are not talking about the magnificent villages of Switzerland.

6. Switzerland is peaceful

Beautiful and quiet. Ideal for a quiet holiday. The Swiss being generally more respectful of others, there is no chance of being disturbed. Alone, as a couple or as a family, far from the hustle and bustle of the megalopolises, Switzerland is a kind of Eldorado for lovers of idleness and Zen activities.

7. It feels good

So necessarily, in these conditions, difficult not to feel at ease in Switzerland. A nation that also places culture first. You can see sick concerts there, especially during the Montreux Festival, party there, meet great people who will be happy to tell you the time, and learn foreign languages.

8. The trains are on time

When you come from France, things change… Popular for its legendary know-how in watchmaking, Switzerland wants to be on time and its trains show it. Change of scenery guaranteed!

9. Shops close early

At 7 p.m. it’s over! Sometimes they also close for the lunch break. A bit like ours, you might say! Yes, but this is particularly convincing. Even if there are of course franchises which are based on longer schedules.

10. There is chocolate everywhere

Switzerland ranks first in the world rankings for chocolate consumption. It must be said that at home, chocolate is serious business. 18 companies share the market and it is difficult not to recognize their certain talent. In fact, the Swiss are simply the best. Going to them and not eating chocolate is therefore not an option.

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