Top 10 things that make you crazy when you’re waiting for the second

Well, you still don’t know why, but you’ve decided to have a second child. To believe that all the tops that you had been able to read here on pregnancy and the truths about parenthood were not enough for you, you decided to put the cover back. Good for you! But it doesn’t mean that this second pregnancy makes you sail on a sea of ​​calm and serenity, on the contrary, there are really things that make you crazy.

1. Manage all medical appointments, with your eldest in the paws

When you are pregnant, you have to see almost ALL the medical profession for 9 months, to see if everything is fine inside your uterus. Very cool. Except that your first child doesn’t really have his independence yet, and you have to drag him with you wherever you go. And making you do vaginal examinations while he draws pictures on the desk just in front, it’s not the best.

2. Having to answer questions from your eldest

“And where does the baby come out of?” “How is a baby made?” “Are you going to love him more than me?” “What if I don’t like him and he’s ugly?” “How do you get a little sister instead of a little brother?” » Hush.

3. Not having time to enjoy your pregnancy

For the first, you had 9 long and endless months, watching your navel grow. For the second, you don’t have time to realize that you’re pregnant that you’re already in the sixth month of pregnancy. So yes it’s cool it goes faster, but maybe too fast in fact.

4. Continue to hear people’s unsolicited opinions

You thought people were going to stop with their thoughts because you already had your first pregnancy? Nay, people are big idiots (it’s a starting postulate). It’s not the fact that you have experience that will prevent them from asking you if you are going to breastfeed, from touching your belly without asking you or telling you that frankly, co-sleeping is a hippie thing.

5. Realizing that you missed a lot of things from the first pregnancy

You thought you were grounded, that you knew things because you had already been there and that nothing could surprise you? That was before you realized that the brain hides a LOT of things, and that every pregnancy can be so different that you end up like a noob, right from the start, having forgotten everything.

6. Having to type the thoughts of those around you

“Why are you doing a second? “In today’s world, do you really think that’s a good idea?” “But aren’t you afraid of your eldest’s reactions?” “Are you sure you want to go through all that again?” But shut up.

7. Asking you every other day if you made the right choice.

Because yes, the thoughts of those around you, you hear them. You don’t want to pay attention to it, but it’s still there, in the back of your head. And no matter how much you wanted this child, you can’t help but wonder if you made the right choice, and if you’re really ready to go through all that again.

8. Realizing that you’re still being fooled by marketing

You swore to yourself, if you made a small second, that you wouldn’t let yourself be fooled by the sirens of marketing, and that you knew what you really had to buy. In addition you had kept everything from your eldest, you needed nothing. Except, you spent 3 hours on childcare sites, and you bought a bottle warmer and an anti-odour diaper bin, patented by NASA.

9. Realizing that no one cares about that second pregnancy

For the first, everyone was happy for you, ecstatic over your round belly, took care of you. For that second one, it’s like saying you bought a new pair of pumps. It’s cool huh, but everyone really gives a fuck.

10. Realize that it’s going to be really hot

At first, the idea of ​​having a second child really excited you, for a whole host of reasons. But the closer you get to the fateful date of your roast’s eviction, the more you realize how hot it’s going to be, how sleep deprived you’re going to be, how much you’re going to split yourself up into parts to successfully manage everything, and it seriously freaks you out.

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