Top 10 things that half of the French think, it’s all very encouraging

Half of the French think this, half of the French think that. But which half? Not necessarily the best. We have selected for you here the polls sometimes all farted on what half of the French would think. And I give it to you in a thousand, it makes no sense.

1. 55% of French people are for the return of the death penalty

What good news then! We are delighted to learn that half of the French defecate on human rights. For these nice people we recommend the reading of some enlightening books: The last day of a convict by Victor Hugo, Abolition by Robert Badinter, or to watch The life of David Gale by Alan Parker, Paths of Glory or The green Line by Frank Darabont. Voila, kisses.

Fortunately there is the Gorafi.

2. And at the same time, half of French people think that prisoners are “too well treated”

Quite logical therefore in relation to the previous point. On this subject, go back and take a look at our article on prison figures, you’ll see, it’s super nice.

3. For more than half of French people, global warming is reversible

Information that we owe to an article in Les Echos, a not super reassuring optimism when we know that the efforts are still biiiiiiien too weak to reverse the course of things.

4. But at the same time, more than half of French people think that our civilization will collapse

Another Ifop survey in Aisne Nouvelle which is quite logical in relation to the previous point. Basically we have half of the people who do nothing in terms of ecology because they think everything is screwed up, and the other half who do nothing because they think it will do OKLM.

6. One in two French people think that the media convey false information

Be careful, there is a one in two chance that this information is false.

7. Half of French people believe in a conspiracy when it comes to vaccination

It is the Daily doctor who gives us this terrifying figure which unfortunately shows that anti-vaccines have a bright future ahead of them (and suddenly ahead of us too). Can’t wait for us all to die again of measles and whooping cough or any other disease eradicated by vaccines.

That said, if I also tell you that half of the French believe in conspiracy theories, all that does not surprise you so much anymore. Anyway, statistically one in two readers think conspiracy theories are a conspiracy.

8. Half of the French had predicted that Macron would be re-elected

And the worst part is that they were right. Maybe also because they had planned to vote for him.

9. Half of French people think they could one day become homeless

The survey dates from 2009 of course, but it is not very reassuring what it says about the serenity of the French about their future (source).

10. But OUF, half of the French think that “it was better before”

The survey dates from 2014 and it showed that 46% of French people thought that their life was less cool than that of their darons. If we speak from a material point of view it is not false. From a social point of view it is already less true. From a climatic point of view, we can clearly say that we still live in less chaotic conditions than our children. (Source)

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