Top 10 things that are younger than the Queen of England

Hey hey good people, did you know that the Queen of England is the oldest monarch in the world? Yes, just that! From the top of her 96 springs, she is the eldest of all the kings and queens of the planet. Indestructible. If all goes well, in a few days, she will even enter the Top 10 of the longest reigns in history, emperors, princes and kings combined! Suffice to say that she had time to see inventions. She is also older than many of our everyday objects… Sacred Lizzy!

1. Plastic bottles

Date of invention: 1963

A super green invention, which we badly needed, huh? In reality, it was not until the 1980s that the first scientific studies warned of the environmental harm of these bottles, and more broadly, of plastic. And since ? Well… Not much.

It has long been perceived as beneficial. But the plastic bottle has familiarized the inhabitants of the planet with the principle of the throwability of objects, establishing a new regime of waste.

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2. Barcodes

Date of invention: 1952

In fact, 1952 is the year of the initial patent filing by two American students, Norman Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silve. It was not until 1973 that its use became common. That is to say… When Elizabeth is already 47 years old!

Top 10 things that are younger than the queen of england
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3. The birth control pill

Date of invention: 1956

Lizzy was already 30 years old when this contraceptive solution was developed by Dr. Gregory Pincus after 5 years of research. Enovid, the very first pill of its kind, blocks ovulation.

4. The Quartz Watch

Date of invention: 1969

We are talking here about a Quartz watch, that is to say: which works thanks to a cell or battery, supplying a circuit through the vibrations of a quartz crystal. This is what allows the hands to move, without having to manually wind the mechanism every morning. The first mechanical clock dates back to the 13th century and the very first watch to the 16th century.

5. The ballpoint pen

Date of invention: 1938

We owe this revolutionary invention to the Hungarian journalist László Bíró, helped by his brother. It was while observing children playing with marbles that he noticed that they drag with them a trickle of water when these little balls cross a puddle. He then created the pen that we know today. Although it looks like nothing, this ball actually allows the ink to be deposited evenly, to dry quickly on the paper, without drying in the tube. Wow. Pens are fascinating, and there’s still a lot of things you probably don’t know about them!

6. The first talkie

Date of invention: 1927

It is ” The Jazz Singer“, an American musical film directed by Alan Crosland. Even if it is mostly silent, the few sung scenes and its monologue make it the film commonly considered to be the first talkies in history. Little Elizabeth is still a one-year-old baby princess at the time. Too cute.

7. The plastoc toilet brush

Date of invention: 1932

That doesn’t mean that until the queen was 6 years old, people left big traces of kk damage in the toilet (some big selfish filthy people still do it in gas stations, at work and at restaurants, anyway ), but until then, this beautiful brush as we know it did not exist. You may not believe me, but the story of the toilet brush is fascinating! Its ancestor is xylospongium, invented by the Romans in the 5th century BC. J.-C. Seneca (1-65) recounted that a Germanic gladiator committed suicide by pushing this thing down his throat. Glam. In 2021, this small everyday object becomes the symbol of Putin’s opponents.

8. Aluminum foil

Date of invention: 1965

And it is to the Albal brand that we owe this invention! A little roll that we all have in our kitchen and that often saves our lives but… BE CAREFUL! There are really mistakes not to be made with this not very green thing, it’s important.

Top 10 things that are younger than the queen of england

9. The salad spinner

Date of invention: 1971

Yes, no salad spinner (also called “salad dryer” or “salad basket”) before the 45th birthday of our good Queen of England. This stuff sucks, but it’s both super useful and super fun. We’re not going to make a big deal of it, but it’s still crazy how much happiness we can get from simple things like that. It’s beautiful life when you look at it tenderly, damn.

10. Gas lighter

Date of invention: 1948

Before that, we used gasoline lighters. Much more boring and heavier. At least gas lighters are smaller, lighter, easier to transport and above all… to fly! Hehe.

11. Bonus: TV

Date of invention: 1926

The TV is therefore not younger than the queen, but they are almost twins. Elizabeth was born on April 21, 1926, on TV, on January 26 of the same year! In fact, it is necessary to nuance this date a little. It actually corresponds to the very first live public broadcast: it is television with a mechanical system, without a cathode ray tube.

Conversely, did you know that Nintendo is Elizabeth’s eldest by… 37 years! Phew, right? In any case, even if all these handy little things are younger than the Queen of England, they will never equal the fame, presence and look of this lady with many secrets!

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