Top 10 things that are illegal when they are morally ok

Life is badly done, like a film by Yann Moix, and the laws are sometimes a bit con-con. These ridiculous laws say things are illegal when in fact, morally, it’s okay. Basically I’m just paraphrasing the title of this top that you already understood anyway. So let’s take action.

1. Download movies that no longer sell

Already the immorality of pirating is totally debatable, that of pirating films which, in any case, were no longer going to be sold, is even more so. Fortunately, Hadopi never scared anyone. They emailed me once well I totally ignored it. Oh yeah my friend, I’m not afraid of anything. Street credibility.

2. Build something at home without a building permit

If it was a big tower that risked falling on the neighbour’s hut, ok, I would understand, but to make you a veranda, what’s the problem? At worst it falls on you and then too bad for you. And so much the better for us.

Top 10 things that are illegal when they are morally

3. Distill your own alcohol

Owning and using a still is illegal in France, so basically you can’t make your own tise. It’s as if you were forbidden to make your own fried eggs and you had to go buy them ready-made in the store or at the restaurant. The only difference is that an overconsumption of fried eggs does not lead you to try to call your ex late at night, but that is a detail.

4. Grow your weed

And then buy it or consume it, all the same. Because okay, we’ll never advise anyone to smoke it (it’s really not a big deal), but what the hell does it matter to us that people smoke weed as long as they don’t take the car behind? Really, I am completely confused.

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5. Have sex with a consenting adult for money

In France, prostitution is not really prohibited, but being a client is. Basically, customers can be sanctioned. However, if we are not in a case of pimping, there is nothing immoral in the fact that two consenting adults sleep together. Even if there is money at stake. They do what they want with their asses and their money after all.

6. Euthanize a patient in pain

This desire to keep a dying person alive for as long as possible fascinates me in a very powerful way. It is as if we had decided to legalize torture and to punish the most moral option. It’s frightening. I’m on the verge of going out into the streets to demonstrate.

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7. Fight back when you get hit by a cop

He has the right, you don’t. It’s the law. Well, of course, there are 2-3 smart people who will say that to get hit by a cop you have to have done something stupid, but insofar as these people have probably never set their noses outside their homes, we will move on.

8. Showing a film to students without the author’s consent

“Any representation […] made without the consent of the author or his successors in title or assigns is unlawful.”

That’s what the law says. So a teacher who wants to show an episode of This is not rocket science to kids, he has to pay super expensive fees. Well, in theory. Because in practice, nobody gives a shit about this law.

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9. Feed the pigeons in town

Pigeons are considered pests by law, and it is true that they are a little. But even knowing that, morally there’s no problem if you feed them. You’re not funding organized crime, you’re feeding a hungry animal. After maybe the pigeons take part in the world organized crime but me one did not inform me about it.

10. Steal an animal that is being abused

Normally a somewhat nice judge will not condemn you if you manage to prove that the animal was mistreated, but you still need to have proof. For that, you need to hire a private detective. A very interesting job that I will tell you about another time.

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